The Happyish Homestead

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Ol’ Bunnies

Once upon a time there was an awesome mom.

{I’ll spare you the agony of trying to guess who it is and tell you right now, it’s me.}

And her girls wanted bunnies.

So, she told them they could take care of the chickens, sell the eggs, and save the money to buy the bunnies.

And they did.

And we brought home Sydney and Ashley.

It turns out I don’t really like bunnies….who knew?

One day this awesome mom was out garage selling and she came home to find the children hysterical.

There were dead rats in the bunny hut.


So she went to investigate {although unwillingly, a rat’s still a rat, even if it’s dead}.

Unfortunately around here, that sort of scenario is not implausible,

although still disturbing.

And she looked inside.

And it wasn’t dead rats,

it was dead bunnies.

Which also happen to look a lot like rats.

So this mom, because she is awesome, held the bag while the poor creatures were removed.

She carefully held the hairless bodies of the two babies that were still alive.

She found a towel and made a nest, hoping the mommy bunny would bond with the new babies.

She consoled Adeline who was distraught over the seemingly gender change of her rabbit, from girl to boy.

She helped her girls pray for the new babies.

She prepared her girls for the eventual demise of the two surviving babies.

{She may or may not have been conveniently absent while her husband gave the girls an anatomy lesson….}

And she reiterated the fact that mommy and daddy bunny will be separated until further notice.

And it turns out being awesome isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


P.S. It is not unusual for a rabbit to lose it’s first litter of babies, she’s typically still pretty young herself and hasn’t figured out ‘mothering’ yet.

P.P.S. Bryce was pretty awesome during this whole thing as well.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Outdoor Dining

I picked this buffet up off the side of the road.

It was warped.

Had a caster missing.

And was a bit….pathetic.

So I rescued it.


When my friend was visiting, we made a new top, with the help of her husband, and pounded in a new wheel.

Then I spruced it up with some vinegar and oil.

And a lot of wood glue and a few nails.


And apparently I neglected to take any decent ‘after’ shots.


I was going to use it as a potting table.

But, I have a total of two flower pots.

Which never make it through the season.

I can’t be good at everything…


So, I’m using it for outdoor dining purposes.


This was the mother’s day dinner.

Homemade donuts.


The sunroom table is standing in until Bryce makes the picnic tables and benches.

Maybe this weekend…?


And my kids.


Happy Monday.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So I have bees.

In my yard.

That I put there myself.

After I went and helped with a swarm yesterday morning.

And by help I mean I wore my hat backwards and got in the way.

But I went and picked up the hive last night.

In a dark suburb.

Where death by bees seemed imminent.

And this morning,

with the help of Adeline and Meg

I smoked them

fed them

talked to them

and thought

This is when I feel like I have something to offer my children.

Where Elizabeth is late for school because we’re sitting around the breakfast table talking about the fascinating world of bees and she can’t bare to leave.

And Adeline and Meg are feet away from a hive of bees wanting to come closer and see the queen.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the right thing.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Framed Wall


I wanted to do something with this wall.

It’s massive.

I really wanted to stencil it.

But it’s massive.


But it certainly needed something.

But nothing too busy.

So I found all the frames/mirrors I’d been collecting for years.

Or year, more specifically.

Majority of them came from my evicted neighbor’s house.

They were 70s gross.

But solid wood with nice detailing.

Those ones I painted.

I laid them out.


Which was a complete waste of my time.

Looks like hopscotch right?

My kids certainly thought so.

(Is it naptime yet?)

And then I hung them up.


I actually think I need some more.


This was an easy project because one of the benefits of our house is it is built with solid wood.

No 2x4s to hunt down.

I can pretty much put anything up where I want to.

Now it sounds like I’m bragging.

If it makes you feel better it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today.

Nine-ty degrees, people.

It’s the first part of May.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

Meg didn’t nap yesterday.

Feel better?

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Great Chicken Coop Move

Once upon a time I was impatient.


I’m still impatient,

but I’m optimistic.

And I wanted baby chicks.


So I got baby chicks.

And we built a coop for them.


In the worst possible location.

Because that was the best spot at the time.

But then I wanted them moved to the back of the property.

From their current location,

right next to the drive way,

a rat’s nest,

by our house

and next to the neighbor’s back yard.

So, I bartered some brownies for a back hoe.

The guy working on the house next door has one.

He kindly dragged the coops across the property.

With the chickens still inside.










Impatient people tend to be great problem solvers.

That’s what I tell myself at the end of the day, anyway.