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Monday, November 8, 2010

Heard all too often, across the world....

Things I could live with never hearing again:

  • I got a new job, in Oregon, and I have 10 weeks of training, and you'll be living with my parents.

  • Your appendix ruptured, like, two days ago.

  • How many babies are in there?

  • It's good that your baby is crying, it helps her to clear out her lungs.

  • I'm breaking up with you.

  • Then, I won't be your daughter anymore!

  • Mom, can you come wipe my bum?

  • Oh, sorry, I was actually asking out your roommate...

  • There's something you should know, my dad, he's a polygamist...

  • Um, I don't think you should be gaining that much weight.

  • It's o.k. if you're sister's the pretty one, you can be the smart one.

  • I think that we should have a Lord of the Rings marathon night - crickets chirping in the background.

  • Wow, this house is going to be a ton of work. Are you actually planning on living here?

  • Anything about marital relations from my grandma, ahem.

  • I bought the new Halo game.

  • You're right, you do look like garbage, I mean, tired.



  1. To add to the list:

    So, I have a question for you. (this doesn't actually turn out bad; it just sounds like it will.)

    I had a talk with (insert child's name here) after lunch today... (this is generally in reference to my normally well behaved children hurting a friend on the play ground.)

    and finally...

    What do you want for dinner tonight? (if I knew, I would be the one cooking it).

    Happy Monday!

  2. The one i love

    HOW many kids do you Have?

    or now the new one

    How do you like being empty nesters?

    I want to reply I'm not an empty nesters, I still have 3 kids in college that I send money to every month.

    Love Mom

  3. Let's add this to the list:

    When are the 10 weeks up again?

  4. I just want you to know, I would much rather be the smart one than the pretty one. Prettiness only gets you so far in life!

    Here is another good one:

    When are you due?

    And the reply is always, Oh wow! You still have 6 months. I thought you were farther than that!

  5. Ok, so i totally still tell the polygamist story every chance i get. i am so grateful that i was around to experience your joy from that weekend. truly grateful.


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