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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A New Story about an Old House

Two weeks ago I went to Medford to work on the house. I was having a lot of different people coming over to give me estimates about how much things would be to get done: flooring, electrical, re-vamped bathroom, etc.

Normal, no?

When I headed around to the back of the house, one of the windows was broken, a door was left open, one of the window panes on another door was broken, the toilet was running and....our brick was stolen. Not like a pile of bricks, but like bricks from the house.

The house has a 'storage' room at the back of the house that has brick facing. It was originally detached, but over the years with the addition of a hallway and laundry room, it is now part of the house. A whole side of brick was missing, gone.

I called Bryce, then I called the police. Well, actually, I called 911. Where do you find the number for 'just police' anyway?

So, the police officer shows up, nice as can be. He takes notes, looks bewildered, asks some questions, and then asks to see the house, not because he's looking for evidence, but he's down right curious about the house.

I give him the grand tour and we chit-chat about the possibilities, our plans, how much he likes the house and so on.

The police officer's opinion: he really likes the house and it reminds him a lot of the house that his grandparents used to own, he is impressed that it is such good shape and admires that much of the original 'stuff' is still intact, he is jealous of the lot size and can envision some laying hens and an area devoted to blueberry bushes, oh yes, and the brick? Probably just some handy-man/contractor trying to save some money on a job.

This is the worst thing he's seen on his beat of 12 years.

To the officer: thank you for appeasing my fears and loving my new house almost as much as I do. Oh, and thank you for not saying anything to the effect 'this house will be a lot of work'.

Kind regards,



  1. Hold tight, things are bound to get better! Or at least slightly less bizarre!

  2. Will we get to see pictures of this house??? :)

  3. I'm a bit confused..
    So your thief was recently there and hence the toilet was running? Did the thief just break in to use the bathroom? Assuming it was a male, why didn't he just use a bush or something?

    Regardless, it all a bit creepy? Did I need to point that out?

  4. Things are bound to get better??!! Are you crazy?? Sounds to me like your moving to west side Caldwell! Think about what dangers you might be exposing your children to! Oh the insanity!! What does your Mother have to say about this??

    Bwahh ha ha!! Just kidding! With police like that it's probably fine....but yeah a wee bit creepy.:0)


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