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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Series of Letters Part II

Dear Hot Shower Every Morning:

You are my salvation.

Dear Meg:

I don't know not to tell you this, but you have a mullet.

Dear Eugene Drivers:

The speed limit is an expectation, not a suggestion. Ten miles below the speed limit is not acceptable.

Dear Contractors in Medford:

You suck.

Dear Elizabeth:

A boy sibling will not be any easier to get along with than a girl sibling, so stop asking for one.

Dear People that I Talked to About My House Being Painted Gray:

Just kidding, it's actually blue. I blame Sherwin-Williams.

Dear Fabric Across the Nation:

I'm coming for you. I have huge plans to utilize you.

To The Lady at the Estate Sale Who Had Great Taste:

Thank you for having not one, but two, Madeliene Brent books. You're my new favorite person, or would be if I had actually known you, and you were still around.

To My Toes:

Why are you always so cold?



  1. Dear Katie--thank you for your letter series. They are short, sweet, and humorous. Happy Wednesday.

  2. I have come to feel similarly about my showers----the day doesn't work if I don't get a hot shower to start. I veg ALL DAY LONG. I'm very sorry about your bricks--booooo to lame robbing contractors. wierd. Thanks for sharing your letters with us :)

  3. Dear Katie,

    1. I love your blog. A lot.

    2. Your feet would never be cold if you would come live by me. Just saying...

    3. Elizabeth should to a trial run with Lucas as a brother. I would loan him to you, FOR FREE EVEN. Should cure her of her current wish.

    Lots of love,



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