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Monday, November 1, 2010

An Interview

Editor in chief of Wonder Women, Sandra Samson, recently caught up with Katie Bell at her in-laws house to see what she's been up to. Katie certainly is starting to show. However, she is calm and attentive to her children, even when they interrupt us againandagainandagain.

Sandra: What's been the hardest part of this transition?
Katie: It's been hard not be able to have things that are 'me'. Does that make sense? I don't have my best friend- Bryce, my space, my hobbies, my schedule. All of those things combined are what I am. It's certainly been an adjustment.

Sandra: You've received numerous compliments about your previous house and your decorating style, are we to expect the same creativity in your new house?
Katie: Absolutely. This house will be easier and harder. Since I already have a 'style' and the furniture, it should come together pretty effortlessly. The hardest part is if it doesn't look like I have it pictured in my head.

Sandra: Tell the readers something about yourself that they don't already know.
Katie: I hate cleaning toothpaste off the bathroom counter. It triggers my reflux reflex, for sure.

Sandra: You recently came out of the closet about being pregnant, how is that all going?
Katie: Fine.

Sandra: Nothing more on that note?
Katie: I feel fine, I'll stop feeling fine when I get huge and tired, till then, I feel fine.

Sandra: What's your favorite and least favorite part about the new house?
Katie: My favorite part is the layout. I like how all the bedrooms are upstairs and all of the living spaces are down stairs, oh, and the sun room. That's pretty great. My least favorite part (with pained look on her face) the well. When the inspector came out and we were going through the laundry room, my first laundry room by the way, there was a door in the floor. We thought it was just another crawl space. Nope, it's an honest-to-goodness, 1875 well. Fortunately there were no dead cats in it. It's pretty spectacular from a historical point. It has rock around the perimeter, it goes down a good 15 feet and the water's clear. Part of me wants to show it to my kids and then make that the time out spot and scare the begesus out of them. The other part of me, the part of me that hates scary movies, wants to forget it's entire existance.

Sandra: You keep up a strenous blogging schedule, how is that going?
Katie: I love to blog. It's gotten harder as my schedule has changed. I have less time to think about what to write about, and frankly, less to write about. I'm looking forward to posting about the up coming changes though.

Sandra: We really appreciate you taking time to sit down and answer some questions, oh yes, and the home-made bread. I'm sure our readers will love knowing a bit more about you. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Katie: I'm just flattered I'm considered worth interviewing. Thanks for coming out. You'll brush up those photos from the shoot, right?

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  1. Too cute Katie...hope the closing went well! That's a play on words by the way, well as in THE well and well as in good? Not funny?


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