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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's the Little Things

This is going to be lame.

But I thought all of you devoted bloggers and blog readers out there would like to know:

This has been a monumental day for me.

After reading and writing countless posts, it finally happened.

The security word I had to write today to leave a comment was:

a real word....


the kind of fries that you crave when you're pregnant with your first baby and you're so swollen you're pretty confident you should not consume another milligram of salt but you find reassurance knowing you couldn't gain any more weight if you wanted to so you save your pennies and indulge yourself with fries that are on sale for $1, size large, at Arctic Circle.



  1. At first, I thought the pic was an homage to baby #4, but then I recognized that fireplace. Ah, sweet days of the past! Golden days of Poky.

  2. Hey, I recognise those shoes.

  3. viashame: how blogger feels because they sent out a real word....and you noticed.


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