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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Good Life

He has hair, it's just really blonde.
The chicken coop. It's sporting two old windows.

Today, I'm thinking about how nice this move has been for us. (I have time this morning because three sleep deprived children are actually sleeping in and it's just me and Spencer.)

To me, the simple life is:

  • Raising chickens, they're pretty easy going.

  • Friends who raise chickens and give you free eggs.

  • Living in an area where kids can leave their bikes and toys out for days and nothing gets stolen....although it does look a little (OK, a lot) white trash.

  • Your husband's commute is 2 miles.

  • There is no traffic report in the morning.

  • Having a grape arbor which you are really hopeful produces grapes.

  • Meeting a new friend who's husband and father spend the entire week helping your husband build a chicken coop so you can go on vacation with the calm assurance that you have no living chickens in your house.

  • Your neighbor coming over and mowing your weeds, I mean, grass.

I'm going to paint the chicken coop, I'm thinking a red, white, and blue theme....

Have a great holiday weekend, I know I'm going to.


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