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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A 'Taking a Break From Scraping Paint Off Windows' Wednesday Post

*If you could do something with out anyone else knowing that you did it, what would you do and why?

Eat white bread every single day, because wheat bread is gross.

*An aid to creativity is curiosity, list some things you are curious about.

What is eating my plums and then pooping in my yard. Skunk? Mt. lion? Child?

Why Adeline insists on picking unripe grapes and feeding them to the chickens when I have asked her not to.

Why Meg pees in her panties and then asks to go pee pee in the potty when she has a diaper on.

*Recall the first time you flunked or failed at something.

Senior year, high school, physics test: big, fat, red 'F'.

What about you?



  1. Number One, I would get rid of half of Sam's crap that he won't get rid of and seriously needs to before I have a heart attack. No man, not any man needs that much junk or stuff. The end. Also, Sam insisted I make him wheat bread, his favorite, I'll be teaching him to use that breadmaker cuz I'll be darned if I have to waste my time with disgusting bread again. Oh and my peanut butter banana bread? It got ruined today because someone who won't be named a third time couldn't get us home in time to take it out of the breadmaker. The real end.

  2. #1: skinny dipping....
    #2: why my boys don't want to play outside unless I'm out there with them...isn't the point of childhood to go outside without your parents?
    #3: toilet papering: I succeeded in toiled papering our own backyard...I failed at not being found out.

  3. 1: somehow get take-out food for dinner every night so i didn't have to try and cook or be creative
    2: why idaho is so cruel to tease us with happy weather, only to yank it away again
    3: second grade, my first big report was on penguins, which i had spent hours and hours coloring, was stolen off of my desk and i had no report to turn in. i got an F, i thought my life was a utterly ruined

  4. 1- There's a lot of things I've already done that I wish no-one knew about...haha. But, I'd go put an offer on a huge house that I will never be able to afford, or live in, dressed like a high society, lady of status, with a southern accent.
    2- Why is every diaper so different? I understand differences between the boy and girl thing, but why is it I have 3 different kinds of diapers between my daughter and son, and both of them manage to have blow-outs and leakage issues.
    3 - I know I have failed at many things since the very beginning of my life, but the one sticking out in my mind is my F in a class at Ricks. Luckily it was one of those classes I had to take every semester anyway as an ElEd major.


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