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Monday, July 25, 2011

Worth It

My Personal Compilation of Things that I am Willing To Spend Money On:

  • draw string kitchen trash bags

  • real Ritz crackers

  • Sherwin-Williams paint

  • good shoes

  • Crayola crayons

  • disposable diapers

  • high quality shampoo and conditioner

  • a good haircut, I'm just not talented enough to make a bad hair cut work

  • happy hour at Sonic

  • junk (treasures) from garage/estate sales

  • fabric

  • perennials

  • high-speed Internet

  • cream

  • cold cereal

  • some one other than me to paint the house, although that attempt failed miserably....

  • babies

  • curtain rods

  • books

  • fresh fruit

  • spray paint

  • light fixtures

  • dinner at a restaurant, that is warm when it gets to me, I didn't have to prepare and I don't have to clean up after it

What about you?



  1. I've recently made a commitment to clothing. Since having a baby, and needing to buy some clothes I had to go through all mine. I decided its time to start laundering my clothing properly so that it lasts longer and looks nicer. So this means less use of my dryer which is inconvenient but you shouldn't buy clothing a size up just because you know you'll end up shrinking it. Also I've decided to pay attention to my fabrics, I'm trying to stay away from cotton and natural fabric really and am in love with polyesters as it doesn't fade or shrink. So therefore my new item that I spend money on will be clothing. One good quality expensive piece at a time. I won't be outrageous, but my closet will become an investment of clothing that lasts as opposed to needing new cheap clothing quite frequently. Saturday I bought a $60 top at coldwater creek which looked beautiful on me, but of course it was only $30 on sale and my mother-in-law chipped in $20 for me to buy it. So far so good. Also, we took a run with store brand diapers and regret it. And I MUST have Charmin toilet paper. As well as Bare Minerals makeup no matter how pricey it keeps getting its the only thing that doesn't make me break out. As for good quality shampoo and conditioner? I use whatever I can get for almost free. Currently its Suave but I have 30 bottles of other choices in my closet when that runs out!

  2. real wooden dressers

    Dyson vacuum

    printer ink


    braces :(

    quality ice cream

    Pepsi products

    A good mattress


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