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Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally Finished

New decor for piano.
Collection of frogs, two more for Christmas, on my grandparents wedding china platter.

New curtain.

Invoice holder from Bryce's grandpa's bakery. Sometimes I get to go 'shopping' in Bryce's parents garage. His parents are always really great about picking up and picking out things they think I'd like.

My 'make it work' moment. Had a spring rod curtain rod. Bought rings. Rings wouldn't fit around rod. Found a piece of wood. Nailed it across the top. Hammered in old square-head nails we pulled out from our kitchen floor during the remodel. Put clips on nails.
Curtains swagged using the invoice holder.

Pretty much love it.



  1. I love your creativity. Adam says 0001411123

    ........ which I think means he approves.


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