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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I'm Proud of Myself:

  • When I walked into the cold, dark bathroom only to turn on the light to see Adeline's stuffed animal on the floor that is the same color and size of a dead rat, I did not vomit, scream, or faint.
  • I have made breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for countless days.
  • Without complaint.
  • This does not count as a complaint, more of a sharing of information.
  • I have made a goal to not go out to dinner at all this month.
  • I have realized that this is a really dumb goal.
  • I got all {one sander} of the stuff out to finish a project that I started way last week.
  • I have washed the breakfast dishes before lunch.
  • I played Barbies with Meg and Adeline for an entire hour yesterday morning.
  • I did not die of boredom.
  • I played Connect 4 with Elizabeth five times yesterday.
  • I did not let her win on purpose.
  • I have looked at images of short haircuts on line.
  • I got like a 50 lb bag of Swedish Fish for Christmas from a generous friend.
  • There is still some left.
  • I have even been known to share some on occasion.
Why are you proud?



  1. I am proud that I did NOT buy donuts at Albertson's yesterday even though I could have gotten a whole dozen for $1.99. Real donuts too, not just the plain boring glazed dozen grocery stores always try to sell near the entrance to the store...

    It should not be held against me that I DID purchase the peanut M&Ms. I found a coupon for them while heading to the checkout line... One package of M&Ms is not nearly as bad as 12 whole donuts.

  2. I tried not to feel guilty about watching I rode my bike while I was watching. Thanks for calling...sorry I was out of breath the whole time!


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