The Happyish Homestead

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Never Tired Of:

  • looking in on my sleeping children
  • nap time
  • date night
  • restaurants
  • talking to the chickens
  • looking for eggs
  • reading books
  • singing in the car
  • having dance parties
  • root beer
  • snuggling
  • watching home improvement channels
  • having a clean floor
  • sewing
  • summer
  • sun tans
  • real Christmas trees
  • birthdays
  • fresh flowers
  • gardening
  • listening to my kids laugh
  • tickling
  • painting
  • working on 'projects' with Bryce
  • talking to friends on the phone
  • reading comments on my blog
  • receiving mail
  • eating bread sticks
  • having a warm shower
  • having a full fridge and stocked pantry
  • using the miter saw
  • garage sales
  • hot chocolate
  • having visitors
  • coupons to Joann
  • trying something new

P.S. I'm contemplating no longer blogging....


  1. Was the P.S. so I would comment? If you stop blogging, I would have to go else where to get my morning laughter on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or how would I see cute pictures of my grand kids, or know the humor you have and wonder where it came from, or know how much Bryce really loves you, or what your next home project might be, or what great garage/estate find you got, or what quilt you are working on?

  2. Wait, you can't quit blogging! My days would be empty of Katie-ness! I can't handle it!

  3. I think that if you look at your number of followers, you might reconsider your comment :) I think you would disappoint 79 people, plus me!

  4. You do realize that you just might get tired of reading comments on your blog if you don't create new posts, which in turn gives you more comments... The same old comments day after day, week after week month after month... Well, I think you get the point.

    Of course that could be fun. We could all randomly pull up old posts, which would force you to search for new comments to read.

    I'm past the nap time stage so enjoy it for me too. In the interest of full disclosure, however, I must confess that I did get tired of nap time when said nap time usually resulted in Adam staying awake FOREVER at night thus keeping Alex awake FOREVER at night... And no, in case you were wondering, it's not worth having another baby just to bring back nap time. (At least for me it's not. I can't speak for others.)

  5. um...I didn't see my name of this list...

  6. You better not stop blogging. Its my weekly dose of Katie. Take that away and I am left with nothing!


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