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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes You Get Tired Of:

  • crying children
  • old houses with holes
  • cleaning up insulation because of old house with holes
  • doing dishes
  • washing hands
  • folding laundry
  • turning on PBS
  • not seeing the sun for weeks on end
  • calling people who never call you back
  • hearing from people you don't really want to talk to
  • sweeping the floor three times in one day, the same floor, wish I was exaggerating
  • of your style-less hair
  • feeding chickens
  • being cold
  • doing things that no one cares about or notices
  • then consoling yourself by doing a project that no one cares about, notices, or makes a difference in the long run
  • people not napping, including yourself
  • a child whining about the homework you're making her do
  • telling the child, repeatedly, that you're not the one that hands out the homework
  • people asking for: attention, treats, food, snacks, a show, to go to the bathroom, what's for dinner, what you packed them for lunch, etc.
  • going to meetings that you don't really want to go to:
but then you come home to this:

and you realize and are reminded of what a blessed life you have.



  1. That is the best, I love the added touch of the cake for a minute I thought it was eatable. I love Bryce's muscles, your bling, and Adeline's bow. This is why you still let your husband buy Lego's, and leave him home with the kids when you have a meeting to go to.

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  3. So can I have a treat and a show?? Oh wait, you don't like that... Well in that case I've got nothing... Miss you friend!


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