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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Doors




We have four outside doors.

Did you know that?

Yup, four doors that lead outside.

Four different thresholds for dirty shoes, muddy boots and discarded sweaters.

Millions of opportunities to coax my dear children into remembering to shut the door behind them and at the same time to not shut the door on the person coming out after them.

That’s such a confusing concept.

Lots of fun.

I finally got the last three painted.

I found those wreaths on clearance at Joann Fabrics. 

It seems silly to put wreaths on three doors that the general public never see.

But I use them every day.

It’s nice to see something finished and put together before I go inside my questionably clean and rarely put together home.

Also, I’ve been working like crazy on the sun room and have made some progress so we all have that to look forward to.



  1. love the green and the wreaths! I've come to the determination that if I use it daily, why can't it look nice as well as be functional--especially since I enjoy pretty little things. I've been feeling that way about stuff I use in my kitchen lately. great job :)

  2. I had NO IDEA you had that many exterior doors and I have actually been to your house... I think it's time for another visit. Also, since you are so good at painting doors will you come visit me in my new house and paint my front door?

  3. how fun that you get to paint your doors! I want to paint mine...someday I will. I have heard of a house where every year the owners paint the door a different fun is that? maybe when I am retired and have nothing else to do :) oh wait I am a mom retirment is out of the question.


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