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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sun Room Update

I have this constant internal debate about whether or not I should post pictures of the during of a project.  I have grand visions of this major reveal.  With all of you gasping in surprise that you had no idea I even had a sun room, let alone could work such magic with one.

The main problem is, I can’t keep a secret.  Not to save my life.

This one time my brother {when he was nine and I was ten} told me about this crush he had on this really cute girl that we went to church with.  In strictest confidence.

I told the girl all about it the next time I saw her.





I was hesitant to paint it yellow, thinking it would be too much color for one room.  So I took advantage of my friendship with an interior designer and asked her opinion.  She said it would look fine.  Looks like she knows what she’s talking about because it turned out really nice.

I invited a friend over for lunch and we painted like crazy for 2 1/2 hours while our children ran around a bit like hoodlums.

I finished the trim the next day and a scraped the paint off the windows the day after that.


Here’s some bunting I made that no one around here is too impressed with.  I, for one, think that it makes it look like a room I’d want to hang out in.

Bryce started working on the idea that we have for the fourth wall.  So pretty soon, this room will be up and running.

Also, I’m in need of a free, new, clean mattress for the daybed, so if you know of one…..



And here’s Spencer.  He spends a lot of his day standing at the windows talking to the chickens.  I tried to catch him doing just that, but currently he is too concerned with having his picture taken to hold still.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I love the idea of Spencer "talking" to the chickens...I can picture it and it is cute beyond words. Oh, and the sun room is, of course, super fun!

  2. I LOVE the sunroom--yellow is one fo my favorite wall colors. To be honest I didn't love the floor before, but with the yellow I really like it a lot. It makes it fit better somehow. And, while others may not appreciate your bunting, i think it's fabulous and am now encouraged in my idea to make one for Daphne's room. AND I want chickens for Daphne to talk to. I love them.

  3. That looks wonderful. Surprising what a new coat of paint will do for a room. Your little boy is so cute. Hope you can catch him actually talking to the chickens next time.

  4. I can't believe how great your house is looking! I love all the projects you are able to get done. After recently joining the family of 6 club, I seriously wonder how you do it! I feel very accomplished if I get a shower in! Way to go!

  5. the sun is yellow---your SUNroom is yellow. Makes sense. Spencer is not yellow- but still oh, so cute.

  6. I love it! It is so happy looking. Someday your kids will appreciate your extreme awesomeness. For now, there's us, drooling over your stylin house.


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