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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Numbers Game

10 - number of clocks in our house.

0 - number that are the same time.

2 - number of children that got in serious trouble yesterday for fighting.

2 - number of children no longer allowed to be in the same room together, look at each other, talk to each other, breath on each other.

4 - number of days punishment instituted.

1 - number of people sick of winter.

{actual number may be higher but person may be so involved they don't care how others are feeling}

1 - number of parents that will be gone for training in March.

3 - number of weeks that parent will be gone.

5 - number of people at home other parent is hopeful will survive the ordeal.

36 - number of presents female parent is hopeful male parent will come home with.

3 - number of times we've gone to look at baby chicks.

522 - number of times I've had to restrain myself from buying baby chicks yet.

1 - number of people that got lectured about not eating the healthy part of her cold lunch.

0 - number of people who don't feel the least bit of remorse for lecture.

2 - number of projects that I have refrained from revealing until their time of actual completion {unless of course I've talked to you on the phone, you've driven by my house, asked me right out, etc.}

783 - number of items we have run out of at our home since the last time I went grocery shopping.

1,965 - number of times I've lamented the ending of Downton Abbey.

5,342,786 - number of times I've wondered when the girls will stop crying about: putting lotion on, taking a bath, someone shutting the door on them, feeling like they're getting left behind, someone sitting at their spot on the couch, doing their chores, having to make their beds, putting away their laundry, someone not playing with them, having to go to the bathroom, someone tattling on them, what I made for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc.

5 - number of chickens that frequent our neighbor's yard.

1 - number of little boys on napping strike.

1 - number of four year old's who have not napped for two days in a row.

6 - number of people feeling the affects.

105 - number of family photos I tried to take on Sunday.

0 - number that turned out.



  1. i'm exhausted just reading your list!

  2. 2,078 - the number of miles from Medford, OR to Belleville, IL

    4 - the number of miles I wish it was from Medford, OR to Belleville, IL

    1 - the number of best friends I wish lived closer to me so they could help me unpack boxes while our children run around in their underwear

  3. 1 - people who can't think of anything funny to say (that can be proven from my office)


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