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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Am A Finisher…



Bath Night.



I may not be a lot of things: patient, good looking, a perfectionist, a clean-freak, tactful, sympathetic, etc.

But I am:

a finisher.

I cut out this white fabric to make a skirt….YEARS ago. 

Which is probably evident by the major crease that I could not iron out from the skirt being folded for a really.long.time.

{Maybe I should get some encyclopedias to lay out on it….}

I’m going to take a guess and say that I’ve had this skirt cut out for at least four years.

I finally got to it yesterday.

I used bottom-weight fabric for the skirt.  It is a bit thicker than most calicos and has a good stretch to it.

I put a band of thick grosgrain ribbon on the bottom


a thin elastic at the waist band

(which you should be aware that I didn’t even make a casing for….I just folded the top down and sewed the elastic on….see? not a perfectionist)

And made some embellishments using some old vintage yo-yos.

I like  yo-yos, can you tell?

There may come a day in the future when I will look at my house and my wardrobe with a bit of disgust and wonder what was I thinking?




today is not that day.

I have a cute mint green button up shirt with white polka dots and some red high heels that I have all picked out to wear with this skirt.

Whenever it stops: raining, snowing, slushing, blowing, muddying, overcasting….

Have you finished anything lately?



  1. a book? i'm pretty good at finishing books. :)

  2. That reminds me of a skirt I once made in a quaint old house in Poky, ID.

    I am not a finisher lately. I started knitting a scarf and a blanket- both about 1/4 done. I started taxes a couple weeks ago- about 3/4 done. I started filing a pile of papers about a foot high- filed 1/2, stacked the rest in an organized fashion- it's still sitting on my desk. I told my students I would finish grading their papers by today. I was gung ho to stay up until all hours to finish. Then Lizzie started puking. After she fell asleep, I worked until 3am and called it quits with only 6 left to go. Just call me the unfinisher.

  3. Katie--you are my hero. seriously.

  4. Finished? No. Started? The kitchen. Cabinets need to be painted. Bathroom? Walls need to be painted and the light needs to be centered. Quilt from 2 years ago? Will never be finished as I don't love the colors.

    I did finish two floor cushions. Then again, they need more fiberfill. Dang it.

    I know, I finished the dishes 3 times today. Then I used some cups. Double dang it.


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