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Monday, March 26, 2012

Curtains = Saga



Here are the new curtains for the bedroom.

I really, really, really like the fabric.

I like it so much that I talked myself into going to Joann’s to use my coupons

with my four kids

even though I had an inkling that maybe I shouldn't

which I promptly disregarded

and I was so distracted trying to keep my children from unrolling all fabric on rolls

that I neglected to translate feet into yards

and purchased substantially more fabric {substantially more} than I needed

and then promptly went home and called Bryce who I commenced to cry to

but who couldn’t talk because he was going downtown with some friends

and I hung up and cried some more

and spent the night thinking of 500 different ways to use a whole bunch of home d├ęcor fabric

that I bought with money that I didn’t have

and then I realized I measured my curtains too short

which is ridiculous considering how much fabric I have.

Happy Spring Break.

My sisters are here visiting and I really do like the fabric.



  1. Love, love the fabric too. And knowing you, you will be able to think up totally awesome ways of using that extra fabric. Like shams for your bed or a way cute handbag or a reupholstered chair...

  2. That fabric is great. And you can add a border of solid fabric to the bottom to fix the length. Or leave them like they are. That way, when you are sweeping your floor every day, they won't be in the way. : )

  3. looks fantastic! I could use a set...since you have extra and it seemed like an "easy project"... :)


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