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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lovely Spindles


{Spindles before.}


{Spindles after.}

{Please tell me you can see the difference…?}


{More spindles.}

{Did you know it takes 3 minutes to paint every.single.elaborate.decorative spindle?}




{Spencer talking to the chicken, Josephine'…isn’t she ugly?}

So here’s the skinny on the spindles.

I’ve been waiting for Bryce to go out of town to work on the stair case.


Because I have to paint it at night so that no wandering hands will touch it during the day.

Bryce doesn’t love to paint.

He especially doesn’t love to paint tedious projects.

He really doesn’t love to paint tedious projects at night.

So, I knew it was my project.

I didn’t want to do it while Bryce is home because it would go something like this:

Bryce: What are you doing?

Me: I’m going to paint the stair case.

Bryce: Right now?

Katie, instantly defensive: Well, when else am I supposed to do it?

Huff about getting things ready.

Bryce: Do you want me to help?

Me: No, it’s fine.

Bryce continues to watch TV, play video games, surf the net, read a book, or something else more fun than painting spindles.

I paint spindles.

Bryce does not paint spindles.

I go to bed mad.


It’s just better this way.

I hope to make more progress today and have it done by Monday.



  1. HA! That's how it would go at our house too---exact conversation and reactions. :) Lovely job--tedious job, but you did great....and yes, I can tell a difference.

  2. Sounds about right. Which is why I painted the bathroom vanity while Howard was in CO for 3 days. The spindles look marvelous.

  3. I could tell a took the Christmas decorations off! I knew it! way to go Katie.

  4. That's a whole lotta spindles... you are a lovely wife. I hope Bryce knows how good he's got it, because you are priceless!

  5. I see it! I see it! Seriously - freshly painted white trim, or spindles in your case, are the best. I am planning to repaint our kitchen cabinets the next time Michael is gone for training to avoid a fight/argument/sleeping on the couch because I'm annoyed situation. Want to come for a visit while he's gone?


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