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Friday, March 16, 2012

{Painting Thoughts}


  • Some things actually do go bump in the night.
  • It could just be a loose spindle that you’re painting that echoes in the quiet, old house.
  • If it’s dark and raining outside, if it’s dark and quiet inside, if you’re up late painting, every episode of Law & Order: SVU will replay in your mind.
  • You will think of every feasible reason why all of those episodes are completely inapplicable to your situation.
  • All the same, you refuse to go near the basement.
  • You will wonder why there are fake pine needles on your stairs.
  • You’ve probably vacuumed the stairs 26 times since Christmas.
  • You realize this is a lie.
  • Everyone knows what kind of house keeper you are, even if they just met you.
  • You would only vacuum that often if you lost some sort of bet.
  • You would never enter into some sort of bet where you knew if you lost you would have to clean your stairs 26 times.
  • You wonder if people in solitary confinement have silent conversations in their heads like you are doing now.
  • You wonder if there is some sort of painting program at prison.
  • You realize if you ever did go to jail, you would get eaten alive.
  • You console yourself by knowing you will never go to prison.
  • Even if you’ve been driving around Oregon with a Colorado license for well over a year.
  • You take back any time you ever thought or said anything about Bryce never doing anything around the house.
  • It was untrue.
  • You start thinking of potential blog post ideas.
  • You wonder if you should do a post with painting tips.
  • You talk yourself out of this because no one wants to read a post about painting from you, who is no perfectionist.
  • You think maybe it’s time for another giveaway.
  • You rack you mind for ideas and come up with nothing.
  • You wonder if perhaps the readership will come up with their own suggestions.
  • You look at the time.

The stairs are almost done so look for a post tomorrow or Saturday with the final pictures.


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  1. I hate painting... so a post about tips that would make it any easier would be so very appreciated! Love the numbers


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