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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Cause to envy me:
  • I get to spend three uninterrupted weeks, by myself, day-in and day-out with my four children, fifteen days. fourteen nights. Just me and them. Yup. Lots of quality time.
  • Elizabeth gets to use her new boots that I thought were a silly purchase with it being March and all. But it snowed today.
  • I am on a first name basis with Oregon Custom Roofing. Our roof that we had put on last year, is leaking, again. All I have to do is say my name and I can hear an inward groan.
  • Adeline is only napping three times a week used to be six times. I'm learning a lot about that dear, sweet, sleep deprived child.
  • I'm really good at taking care of baby chicks. Thirteen of them. All in our kitchen. (Only seven on them are mine.)
  • I'm a really good friend. I will raise your chicks for eight weeks for the cost of feed. I may never want to speak to you again, but you will have nice healthy chicks.
  • I can take four children to the library in a disheveled, food stained, mismatching mess while Meg runs around like a crazy person and I show no outward sign that it even phases me.
  • I got Spencer's birthday present done. That statement is really more of a brag than the rest of them, if you didn't catch on to that.
  • I may have saved my marriage by telling Bryce that I would probably be doing some painting in our master bedroom while he is gone.
  • I will not be gaining any significant weight in the next three weeks. There is not an ounce of chocolate or other sweet reward in our house and the chances of going to the grocery store to get anything is pretty slim.
  • I will have plenty of opportunity to scrutinize the cleanliness of our bathroom as I may be tempted on more than one occasion to lock myself in there.
  • No one on the face of planet will probably be supplicating the heaven's above to send down some patience more than myself.


  1. If I had the time and the means, I'd totally come and visit and help you. I don't know if I could manage one for that long on my own, let alone 4 and chickens---and painting, etc.... you are super woman.

  2. Poor, poor Katie. I'd come help, but I don't like snow. And I can't see that adding 5 more kids, our dog and our fish would help much, although I would help paint. I can't wait to see Spencer's gift.

  3. Yep. I'm envious... Well played. ;)


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