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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Master Bedroom….




After, striped.


Other side.

(I accidentally deleted the picture where the laundry baskets were removed, our sad reality. However, I saw some nice wicker baskets at the store the other day and am thinking those might be a good alternative.)

I have new fabric from Joann’s all picked out, just waiting to be paid for.

So, um, what do you think?

Mom, don’t comment.  I’m pretty sure you’re not going to like it, unless of course, you actually do, then you’re welcome to tell me how proud you are….


P.S. Taking down painters tape is way more fun than putting it up.


  1. ummm...I'm a little jealous at how amazing it all looks...very cool idea...

  2. I LOVE it! it really makes a big difference in the room. I think it looks especially good with the shape of your ceiling. Great job.

  3. Love the ceiling. I also love the stairs. I would comment on the stairs post and tell you that, but then I'd have to comment on two different posts that I'm reading on the same day and my short break from work is almost over so why take the time when you can just read it all here. Also, houses do make weird sounds at night that only seem louder when the man of the house is not around...

  4. I really like the stripes. I was hoping you were going to do the yellow ones with some grey accents, but this is pretty amazing too. What are you going to do when you house is all complete? You're doing a great job!

  5. I love the stripes! Do they make the room seem wider when you stand in the doorway? And what's the new fabric for?

    Taking down painters tape is the best. I'm now considering where in my house I can paint stripes, just for the satisfaction of peeling off the tape when I'm done painting.

  6. the stripes are fantastic. i never would have thought of that. and the chandalier (spelled that wrong, oh well) is so great. love your style.


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