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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sun Room Wall



So, I want to have everything done for the sun room by May.

Which is completely possible.

I think.

Pretty sure.

If I never want to sleep again.


Lost of walls and ceilings in this old house had particle board somethingorother disgustingness nailed on to them.

This is one of the walls.

Bryce and I came up with a great scheme to cover it up.

But I was convinced something cool was underneath.

So I took it down.

And I found the original outside of the house.

With which I’m sure is one of the early colors of the house paint showing.

And where the original doors were.

And the old molding.

My current idea is to clean it off really, really, really, {while wearing some sort of mask} well.

(The house had a fire.  Nobody around here has been alive long enough to know when.  So there’s a lot of soot.)

And then seal it.

I like the originality of it.

But then I wonder if I should cover it up using this really cool idea that Bryce and I have.

So, I guess the question is:

What do you think?

I can’t go into details about ‘the really cool idea’ because it’s one of those things that sounds and looks really neat…

inside your head.

The coolness of it couldn’t be expressed in words, on a blog.

You’ll just have to trust me.

Anxiously awaiting…



  1. You're my hero. Seriously. I'm sure whatever you do will be awesome. Since you're old, old house is amazing I'm all in favor of cleaning and painting what's already there. But I completely trust that whatever really cool idea you have is exactly that - really cool, and probably awesome, too. Can't wait for the afters...

  2. I would just paint, unless your idea is so fantastic you can't live without it.

  3. I like the way it looks now...but could go for the really cool idea...just to do something different...but the big question you feel lucky? ya punk?

  4. whatever you do, it will be awesome!!! I will come over and see it ;) I am away from the blog for like a minute and you switch it up? I like it! Miss you!

  5. Well my vote is to do whatever is easiest, but then I think it's already been established that I don't have a hundredth part of the decorating ambition that you do...

  6. Paint it. Paint everything. Paint is awesome. Hmm, maybe I am trying to get myself excited about painting. But yes, paint it. Or whatever other awesome idea you and Bryce have.

  7. my first thought was bead board. But cleaning and painting sounds cheaper and easier. Looking forward to the before and afters!


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