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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lots of High Fives

Bryce and I made the grape arbor shown.

All by ourselves.

With real cement.

And post hole diggers.

And power tools.

And math.

{I did not participate in the math part.}

We were pre.tty proud of ourselves.

High fives all around.

Literally, we high fived each other when it was done.

So nerdy.

Some day there will be a clothes line in this area. 

That little out cropping is the laundry room.

The little tiny window next to it is the bathroom where my naked bum was seen by Bryce’s co-worker who had come by to help paint the trim.  The full story is here.

And just so you know, it almost happened again when someone came out to fix something on the roof. 

But I caught myself.

Some times I’m cool like that.

SAM_1783Betcha can’t tell that the ground is mostly weeds…and patchy…and bumpy…and covered in branches from our self pruning oak trees…


This is one of my favorite views of the house.

Hope you’re having a good week and all of your laundry and grocery shopping is already done and everyone survived.  Actually, I hope that for myself….


P.S. Alisa, I need your address by Wednesday or I’ll award the giveaway to another randomly picked participant.

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  1. Katie, just FYI, I bought some pretty nifty window clingy stuff at the store that make your windows look frosted. It works for us and might make your cute little bum a little less public. Just an idea! Love the arbors!


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