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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Series of Letters, Part….?

I don’t know, I’ve lost track.

Dear Joe,

The time that you took a shower and told me that the water felt like little needles?  That’s called water pressure.

Dear Society,

If you could make unibrows stylish, I would have a lot more time in my life.

Dear Katie,

You know that cute thing that you made and put on your kitchen wall {see below}?…. you totally forgot that you were going to put something else there.


Dear Spencer,

Contrary to the loaded compliment from the doctor about your healthy lungs, you can stop crying all the time.

Dear Blackberry Bushes,

I hate you.

Dear White, Retired, California Costco Customers,

Stop glaring at me, I have just as much right to shop in the morning at Costco as you do. 

Dear White, Retired, California Costco Customers,

When you tell me I have my hands full when you look at my cart full of crying children and I smilingly reply ‘it was a long winter’ I really mean, ‘stay out of my business, I’ve never been happier’.

Dear Meg,

Pleaser never pee on my down comforter again when you’re taking a nap on my bed.

Dear Elizabeth,

Coming into my room before 6:30am to see if I’ll pull out your tooth and then leaving only to pull it out yourself and then coming back in to tell me is not nearly as exciting for me as it is for you.

Dear Spring,

Thanks for showing up.

Dear Really, Really, Really Nice Neighbors,

Thanks for the lawn mower, even if you only gave it to us so we’d stop borrowing yours, every weekend, for hours at a time.

Dear Mom,

Thanks for bringing me Snickers that I hid in case of emergency and I honestly hope I remember where I put them, soon.



  1. Dear Katie,

    I love your letters. Wish I had some Snickers too. Lucky for you I know live too far away to come steal some of yours.


  2. Blackberry bushes are of the devil. They invaded my parents backyard and I remember fighting with them for many years. The kicker, they never ever produced. The day they were finally ripped out for good was one of the happiest of my life.


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