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Monday, April 30, 2012

This Weekend…

  • My parents and my in-laws came to visit.
  • I may have taken a bit of credit for the surprise party that my mother-in-law put together for Elizabeth.
  • Many children were sleep deprived.
  • Many adults were sleep deprived.
  • I stayed up too late and got up too early.
  • I went garage selling on Friday AND on Saturday.
  • My mom brought over some things for a project that I am working on.
  • I went clothes shopping with just my mom….did you catch that?  No kids.
  • My dad stayed home and played games and watched cartoons with the kids.
  • I put a fan in my room at night and managed to not realize till the next morning that Spencer and Meg had woken up during the night.
  • I feel only mildly guilty that my parents fielded the situation.
  • Turkey, avocado, bacon and tomato sandwiches on Bryce’s homemade bread are pretty awesome.
  • There’s a slight, really slight, possibility I may have eaten too many in one sitting.
  • I thought, I am glad that it is no one’s birthday for awhile.
  • My parents brought some birthday books for me from my sister, I can’t wait till Adeline starts school in the fall so I’ll have time to read them….




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