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Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Time, Next Year….






for my birthday:

  • I will do the dishes after breakfast, it really does make me a happier person.
  • I will not do a project just because I think I’m entitled because it’s my birthday.  The chances are I’ll do the calculations incorrectly anyway…oh, wait, that already happened.
  • I will refuse my friend’s invitation to lunch because Adeline will find some unsupervised scissors and convince Meg to let her cut her hair and Spencer will have not one but seven meltdowns.
  • I will let Adeline know that cutting anyone’s hair is not o.k. {although, for the record, I already have, 500 other times}
  • I will not have to put Adeline in time out for 40+ minutes for cutting someone else’s hair where she will spend 15 minutes of that time harrowing up and apologizing for every other indiscretion she’s ever committed like: sometimes she says the st(upid) word, she has been hitting and kicking for a really long time and she just can’t get her body to stop, and she’s so sorry, etc., etc., etc..
  • I will have a frozen pizza for dinner, so I can actually spend time with Bryce versus him sweating in the kitchen making homemade bread and clam chowder that the kids won’t eat anyway, making the whole dinner experience kind of miserable.
  • I will let the kids watch movies all day.
  • I will have popcorn and cereal for lunch.
  • I will pray for the whole day to be sunny, not just for sun, because apparently I wasn’t specific enough and the sun DID come out, but it was for the 20 minutes I was in a store.
  • I will be more grateful.
  • I will be less annoyed.
  • I will not get frustrated with Elizabeth when she complains about her upcoming birthday and not being able to have a friend party or when she starts crying and I tell her in no uncertain terms that she is behaving selfishly and that’s it my birthday and she should straighten up and I get one day out of the year and I would really love it if she would just be happy and stop playing the victim.

Yup, next year my birthday will be awesome.



  1. You didn't tell me about the haircut!!!! Poor IS so hard to be good. :)

  2. I know I've said before that maybe we should hook Alex and Adeline up because they're children would more than pay them back for all that they've done to us, but maybe that'd be too much for even the fabulous grandmothers we are sure to be to take... (Although on the plus side, Alex has somewhat grown out of some of the craziness. Maybe there's hope. Or maybe his teachers just deal with it all.)

    Definitely go with frozen pizza or takeout pizza or even McDonald's (gasp, I know) or something next year. Sometimes it's just not worth it to make the hubby do the cooking...

    On the other side, WOOHOO for Bryce being home...

  3. You guys are cute! Love you hair and your cute polka dot skirt. may all your birthday wishes for next year come true!

  4. One year the girl's ballet recital was on my birthday. Not a good coincidence. Nuff said.

    All of your ideas are fantastic, and I must remember them for my own birthday, except inserting my own kids names.

  5. I think this post is going to come in handy someday. The day when one of your children will call you on their birthday and complain about how their children are acting/what naughty things their children have done, ON THEIR BIRTHDAY! And you can just cut and paste this into an e-mail and send it along, with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! in the subject line. : )


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