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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Mixed Bag

This week has been depressingly dreary.

Which means I got a lot of projects mostly done, made a lot of soup, and had more than a few bad hair days.

But I didn’t let that get me down, two days in a row I had the breakfast dishes done by 8am.  I just had to throw that in, I’m pretty proud of that accomplishment.

I decided to make myself another bag.  Well, I pretty much needed another bag because my other one was pretty thread bare and I was worried that at any moment the handles would break spilling the precious contents inside – diapers, wipes, a pair of Spencer’s pants, pennies, old receipts, gold fish cracker crumbs, hand sanitizer.


I used one of the buttons from my great-grandma’s button jar.

The pattern is Simplicity 2685, Elaine Heigl Designs.


It’s lined and interfaced and has a hidden pocket inside.  I didn’t even have to call my mom for help, although I did have one of my friends over who has a degree in clothing construction or something or other….


This is a picture of Spencer sitting on the mud room steps {I’m the only one around here who calls it the mud room despite my best efforts at trying to train the others, they’re still confused when I say ‘mudroom’.} He thought I was doing laundry and was waiting for me patiently while eating a sugar cookie.



Hope you have a nice, sunny weekend.



  1. Super cute! I'm using that fabric for a quilt for one of my sisters twins. I've been working on said quilt for about 8 months now.....soon.....soon....

  2. I am going to have one awesome weekend! The kids are so excited they are packing already. I can't wait to see that bag in person. And you, of course.

  3. I miss the can put mine in the mail anytime...

  4. Wow. We had sunshine this week but I still wasn't as productive as you were. Two nights this week I left dinner dishes on the table until AFTER 8am the following morning. (Why do I admit these things on the internet?!?). And I don't have a cute new bag to show for my efforts. Does a cute bag do anything to counter a bad hair day?

  5. As my visiting teacher, I have to tell you my needs..... I need a cute bag like that! just darling! :)


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