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Friday, April 20, 2012

This Week in a Nutshell

My friend, Rachel and her five kids came to visit this week.

This is how Rachel and I started the week….happy.


This is how the kids started out the week….happy.


This is how we were all feeling by the end of the week….crazy.


Just kidding.

No one had the consideration to tell me I still had on my apron.

The weather was miserable but we kept busy making bags, sewing Happy Birthday banners, spray painting bird cages, feeding nine kids {constantly}, going to Joann’s, taking kids potty, washing muddy clothing, taking a tour of Harry and David, and chasing chickens.

I had fun.

We’ll see if she ever speaks to me again.

I made this doll for Elizabeth’s birthday, which is next Saturday, and just finished it this morning.

I got pretty good at ignoring the constant crying in the background.  Ha, ha, not really, ok, really.


Do you think she needs ears?

No, her head isn’t crooked, she is quietly pondering the great mysteries of life, like why after three tries I just gave up and let her head be crooked.  Can you even tell?

Have a good weekend.



  1. katie she's beautiful! so talented!

  2. Dolls are HARD, she's cute and will be well loved. I hope you have already started on the others because you have June and July coming up.

  3. the doll looks great...I guess you didn't call me back this weekend because you had super cool really I understand...I'll get over it....someday...

    Did you make me a bag? I'll mail you're birthday gift someday...soon. :)

  4. How fun the Hughes could come visit! Looks like you had a crazy fun time!

  5. Of course I am still speaking to you, I just haven't called you yet. Thanks so much for having us visit. The doll turned out awesome, btw. Elizabeth is lucky to have a mom like you.

  6. The ears are just covered by her hair accessories, right??? At least that's what I'd say. Plus dolls can't really hear anyway, right? And who sits with their head completely straight anyway? I think it's super cute.


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