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Friday, April 6, 2012

Mirror Re-do





I decided I should frame the mirror.  I’ve had better ideas.  Although, it was pretty inexpensive.  The glass place that I go to regularly cut the mirror down for free and I just used two 1x4s to trim it and some left over paint.

I think at this point in my life I should probably return the math award that I received in high school.  I’m sure if my teacher saw me now she would have some serious doubts about my capacity to calculate.

I won’t bore you with the details but it was not smooth sailing.

And it’s pretty big.

I’m thinking about using it in the girl’s room as a floor mirror.



While Bryce was gone I took some time to do some crafts.  One of the more tedious one was covering Styrofoam balls with moss using a hot glue gun.  But I think it was worth the scorched finger tips.

I also went to an estate sale and picked up the two glass containers with lids for $.50 each.  The one holds old croquet balls my mom gave me.

Hope you have a great weekend and it’s sunny where you are.  If it is, please don’t tell me, it would induce some major displays of jealousy.



  1. Yeah, its's a little big but it really brightens everything a good way! :) I could see little girls really liking a full length mirror to adore themselves in!!

  2. It's snowing here, with an accumulation of 2 inches thus far. I hope your weather isn't that bad.

    Love you and hope that this weekend makes up for the mishaps of the birthday.


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