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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

While The Sun Was Out


  • I got my first sun burn….apparently my intelligence leaves with the rain because I didn’t put a drop of sunblock on.  I decided lobsters’ beauty is under rated.
  • I helped Bryce mow our lawn (read weeds)…total time…8 hours.
  • Fed and watered the ugly chicklings.


  • Planted flowers with the girls.


  • Clipped the first of the lilacs.
  • Enjoyed swinging on the porch swing in the evening.


  • Finished building and painting the new chicken coop.  It has two sides, like a chicken town home, so our new chicks for next year can go straight outside.  Unless I buy the super cute baby ducks I just saw….


  • Went to some garage sales.  I bought those four chairs for $4.  They’re for the sun room.  And that ugly brown shelving thing that will be miraculously transformed…with some bead board and white paint….


  • Elizabeth pulled out her own tooth.  I swear, you would have thought she’d won the lottery…there was much rejoicing.
  • Hauled and spread mulch.
  • Checked and double checked my garden for slugs.
  • Began the war against the blackberry bushes.

The rest of the week I will be trying to finish up some things, {fingers crossed, the sun room} because we’ll have company this weekend. 

What did you do this weekend?  This is not a rhetorical question…I actually read the comments, lots of times more than once.

One other thing….my mom dropped the pillow off that I took 16 years to finish and the lady remembered all about it, so it’s a good thing I finished it.



  1. You are a busy, busy girl. and also quite amazing. love the new coop.

    I also got sunburned this weekend...but only my left arm...while watching the boys fly kites...

  2. I think those $4.00 chairs match my dining room set that has more broken chairs then good chairs. I'm bringing the truck!! What are your plans for the half table that was willed to you? Your dad will be impressed with the patriotic chicken coop, even though you don't ever listen to the news.

  3. Wow! You are like super woman! Matt and I painted our dining table and hutch this weekend. I love painting old stuff. I can't wait to see what the shelves you have will look like =)

  4. Slept in. Read an entire Georgette Heyer book (The Quiet Gentleman). Cleaned the "playroom," otherwise known as the put anything in there and shut the door so you don't have to look at that stuff room. Made a batch of strawberry freezer jam.

  5. Well, it's almost another weekend now... Last weekend Doug and I thought it would be fun to rediscover old leg muscles that apparently hadn't been worked on enough, despite the fact that I've been doing MUCH better at working out for the last year plus... We worked in the yard all dumb day long on Friday, like literally 9:00 am ish to 8:30 pm ish. (End result, the yard now looks worse I think.)

    Saturday I helped put on a primary activity by manning the 11th Article of Faith booth with Adam at my side the whole time because he decided for his first ever primary activity to not join his assgned group and even gagged on the ice cream at the end. (Who gags on ice cream?? I'm wondering if I'm a failure as a mother...)


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