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Friday, May 25, 2012

On This Day…

I will….

  • not take a nap before 9am.  Although that’s really hard to commit to.
  • not get frustrated with Spencer who throws a complete fit at the dinner table because he is so hungry but refused to eat at the previous meal and as a result is so upset that he can’t calm himself down enough to eat.
  • just put him down for a ‘break’ in his crib so I can eat.
  • make dinner again for the 500th night in a row.
  • count this week as a success because Adeline has been awesome.
  • sew something I want to sew.
  • actually curl my hair rather than just turn on the curling iron and then getting distracted.
  • be grateful for the rain.
  • be grateful for the heat that I was able to turn on this morning because it’s like 50 degrees outside.
  • tell you that that is just a guess that I actually don’t want to look up the actual temperature because I will inevitably become depressed and want to take a nap, thus breaking my first resolution.
  • not make the cookies I have been planning to bake all week because of the pie, pudding, brownie batter, ice cream (homemade and store bought), and sugar cookies filling my house.
  • wrap up the fat quarter bundles and get them ready to ship.
  • stop obsessively looking at my sunroom picture that I pinned on Pinterest, ogling at the 60 pins it got.  It’s pathetic really.
  • not eat all of the Junior Mints that I purchased as a treat for the movie night…before tonight.
  • not be jealous of Bryce who gets eat lunch at Subway for free while I have something lame, again.
  • pretend I am not a bad mom or similar to a prison warden because I give my children bread and water to eat when they complain about breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • give up trying to understand why my children insist on loosening all of the knobs on all possible pieces of furniture in the entire house, and probably at other people’s houses as well.
  • not go into a detailed explanation about the situation of my bathroom windows detailing how one can’t see anything from the ground level so frosted glass is not imperative or how curtains are fruitless because of the direction the windows open and how they are often open because we have no air conditioning or bathroom vents and I will not be taking any such precautions anyway because bare white bums are only seen when people are on the roof and from now on I will just remember that, and hold it.
  • be the bigger person and clean up the stickiness on the floor even though I didn’t make the mess.
  • enjoy the three day weekend.

What about you?



  1. Why do kids loosen knobs? I have never understood that.

  2. I will make a list of things "I will" do...


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