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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall


Original ‘Before’


First ‘After’


Final ‘After’


I had picked up this frame for $1, somewhere.  And then I found an inexpensive mirror at a garage sale this last weekend.  It turns out the yellow mirror was much too big and I was much too lazy to cut it down.  So, it’s in the girls’ room now as a floor mirror.  But I kind of missed having a mirror above my dresser.

So, I made one, kind of.

It cost five dollars to get the mirror cut down and put in the frame.  Total cost? $8.

I love being able to see the stripes behind the dresser.


So I saw this idea on Pinterest…..and thought it would work perfectly for the vast expanse in the bedroom.

I solicited my mom’s help to round up some ‘b’s.  She got them from Hobby Lobby.  And Meg and Adeline helped paint them.  I like how it looks.  The bright ‘b’ on the right doesn’t really ‘go’, but I’m chalking it up to Adeline’s creative license.




You should also know that I have no self control and bought three baby ducklings this week.  Seriously, and way easier than 12 baby chicks.

What are your plans for the weekend? 

I’m hauling branches and spraying weeds….and….going on a date!  To a garden show!  Slightly excited.



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  2. love the the B' your weekend plans...I'm taking a class this weekend...super fun.

  3. Baby ducklings are too cute to resist. I'm shocked you lasted as long as you did. I like B wall - and I'm super impressed you let your kids help with the painting. I have neither the patience or ability to hand over control for that kind of thing...

  4. you are my hero! love'n the B wall, I have an idea to do something similar with the abc's for a nursery, if ever I get one.

  5. Love the B wall! Super creative!


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