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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Swear Words

It’s been a helluva {it’s not swearing if you say it really fast with spelling errors} couple of days for me.



{OK, one possible explanation is I had to go to the grocery store on Monday, with all four children, and I forgot five important things on the grocery list, so I went back yesterday –with only three kids this time - and forgot one of the main things that I forgot on Monday. And I got a couple of rude comments (masked in politeness and concern, ha) from the cashier about my children standing up in the cart. Note to self: do not give the grocery list to a child that does not know how to read, it is not helpful and avoid that cashier in the future.}

{One other possible reason…one of our chickens was hauled off by a neighborhood dog leaving only a pile of feathers.  I know it’s just a chicken, but I feel like it was my stewardship and I failed.}

But I’ve been a pretty pathetic mother and wife, despite my best efforts. 

I just can’t seem to get it together.

I’ve been: cranky, irritable, easily annoyed, grumpy, angry, joyless, un-Christ-like.

Things I’ve tried to get out of the dumps:

  • Talked to friends who’s lives are way harder than mine.  I realize I have a pretty blessed life which compounds how lame it is to be acting the way I have which makes me feel worse.  Typical female scenario.
  • Bought baby ducks.
  • Bought tomato plants.
  • Done my hair {I’m counting pony-tails, you should too} every day.
  • Done the breakfast dishes soon{ish} after breakfast.
  • Spent a lot of time outside.
  • Made some fried foods for dinner.
  • Eaten chocolate.
  • Read a romance novel.
  • Finished projects.
  • Served.
  • Let the kids watch movies for an entire morning.
  • Threatened Adeline with a time-out every time she interacts with Spencer and makes him cry.


Things I haven’t tried:

  • Called my mom and cried.
  • Worked on a quilt.
  • Locked myself in the bathroom with a donut.  {That will never happen seeings how I would have to go to the grocery store, can you get those delivered.}
  • Seen a psychologist.
  • Exercise (although I did like six loads of laundry on Monday and carried them all up the stairs, and I walked with the kids to the park which was more like an exercise in patience, all in the same day.}

So my question is:

What do you do to get out of the dumps?

I am currently taking any helpful hints and advice.  Seriously.


P.S. Giveaway on Friday, I came up with a most excellent idea, and no, it is not one of my children…unless of course you want one, see how accommodating I can be?


  1. i know it sounds kind of shallow and superficial, but shopping by myself for something fun (clothes, a treat, etc) seems to help me blow off steam. you don't have to put in any effort for anyone else, just enjoying looking at things by yourself. see if you can find a kind babysitter and go out by yourself for a sec :) i think you're pretty darn fabulous, just remember that :)
    p.s. need pics of baby ducks!

  2. can i say swear words? just scrolled down to your next post and noticed baby duck pics! serious blond moment...

  3. I can bring you some more pound cake (or cheesecake, or brownies, or whatever), then I'll watch your kids so that you can enjoy them. Deal?

  4. You can always talk to this psychologist... (although I'm not a clinician so I can't guarantee any results).

    I watch TV and eat something after Lizzie is in bed (often ice cream). This pretty much happens every night. Don't judge me; I'm 8 months pregnant.

    I tell my husband my woes and he always seems to have a better opinion of me than I do of myself and that helps.

  5. If I was a good friend, I'd call and leave an uplifting message on your voice mail. I still have yours saved and I listen to it when I'm having bad days! Other than that, I paint my toe nails (and my boys' too), eat a bunch of caramel popcorn with butter toffee peanuts, and go outside and dig things up (seriously, sometimes killing unwanted plants DOES help).

  6. Wow! Im sorry things are crazy. Why is it that this always happens around this time of year? At least it does for me. I need to take more walks...

  7. FACT #1: Just because you THINK someone else has a harder life than you doesn't mean you aren't allowed to have bad days.

    FACT #2: Grocery shopping will, literally, suck the life out of all of us eventually. Unless we starve to death first because we refuse to go grocery shopping.

    FACT #3: That chalkboard door is awesome.

    FACT #4: You would probably feel better if you gifted your neighbor a dog leash.

  8. I like Fact #4 from Mommy B.

    I inform Dave that it is time for a Date that I don't have to plan. I also get some Cozy Shack Chocolate pudding or really good ice-cream and I don't share with anyone. And I try my very hardest to give myself a break. Talking helps...being able to unload on someone (not beat them or anything just talk it all out) helps.

    Good luck.

  9. 1) read a good book
    2)Girls night is coming... plan on May 25 - my house-- no kids allowed!
    3)sunshine and vitamin d... :)

  10. Love all the suggestions...I have to say sometimes just having my husband be "in charge" of everything while I take a long hot shower/bath w/out interruption is such a godsend.

    That and a foot rub while I watch a television show that makes my thoughts disappear into it's storyline.

    Hope you win against the dumps!

  11. I cry and then sleep on it and then feel better the next day... I really, really like Beth's facts though too...


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