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Monday, March 15, 2010


When talking to Bryce the other day, I know, surprising he was even home, I asked him if he had any ideas for a post. He told me to do a post about boys I have dated. Since that would be terribly LONG and boring, I opted to do a post about worst dates. And wouldn't it be fun if in the comments you posted your worst date experience?

  • I was driving to Utah for the Winter Olympics with a boy I had been dating and he told me on the way there that his dad was a polygamist and then commenced to introduce me to all of this brothers, sisters, and moms when we got there.

  • Same boy, we went down to Zions National Park in Utah for Spring Break to do some camping. On the way back to the campsite from hiking, our car got rear-ended by another car going 50 mph.

  • Test-driving cars at a car dealership. The guy asked me out by looking at my student ID and then looking up my phone number from the ward directory. Creepy, right?

  • Sometimes the date isn't bad, it's the guy....going ice skating and then realizing we couldn't because there was hockey practice going on. The guy wore this gaudy ring that was out-fitted with moose antler or something like that, plus the kid could not play racquetball to save his life....what was I thinking?

  • Dressing up to go to a formal dance and having the guy thinking it would be a good idea to go rollerskating first. What?!

  • Miniature golf, I don't know who you are or who you're with, this is always lame.

  • Corn mazes.

  • Pool/video games....I think guys do this to fulfill some egotistical desire, girls are rarely, if ever, good at this type of thing.

  • Babysitting. It's never cute/romantic babysitting like on the movies.
  • This wasn't actually my date, but for some reason, my parents thought it was prudent for a younger sibling to tag-along on older sisters' dates, no one should have to see their sister making out with their boyfriend, I don't care how old you are or how old they are. Bad idea.

Happily married,



  1. Yeah! I'm the first! Okay...bad dates...

    1. While faithfully waiting for my missionary, and against my better judgement, I accepted a date with a very short and not-so-good-looking boy who had been begging and begging (bad news #1). He shows up in knock-off Teva sandals...with socks, makes me stop to get gas with him (hello! be prepared!) and continues to explain why I should drop earlier mentioned missionary and date him....ick!

    2. While enjoying an awesome bonfire in the Sand Dunes near Ricks, we are seranaded by a boy with a guitar. It was dark, he played decently, we all flirted and had a good time. Said boy with guitar, however, tracks me down, sings to me in the apartment (akward) and then continually stalks me on campus, bothers me while I try to study (in seclusion) and won't leave me alone until I have to tell him I'm not interested...and have my roommates tell him again when he doesn't take the hint.

    Also happily married (to a great date)

    Emily :)

  2. O.K., I am going to tell you about my best date since you were there "double" dating with me. I went with the hottest boy from school and you went with a pretty good-looking one too. We went in your guys' suburban and went to Pizza Hut. It was the best pizza and a lot of fun. I can't remember what else we did. Anyways, it was my first date with the love of my life! That was when he first told me that he really did like me!

    Worst date. Went to a Christmas dance with a boy from Kuna. I thought it would be so much fun because I would know all these people there from church and we would all just hang out. Not really! I just sat there while my "date" hung out with all of his friends. I think he asked me to dance once and his friends were not very friendly to me. It was the longest dance/date of my life!

  3. Worst date? Going to the fair with my friend's older brother. He proceeded to show me all his tattoos and explain them all in depth. Other than that it wasn't too bad, just little awkward.

    And I love going mini-golfing, but with the hubby. He pretends not to notice how badly I play.

  4. senoir prom. ugh. to tell all the details that made it awful would take so long. to make it short. He ask I said no, he asked again and again and again and I sadly caved and said fine, whatever. The he spent the next few weeks smacking my rear until until i finally blew up. He made ME plan the whole thing cause "he asked so I should do the rest" as though he did me a favor. he then proceeded to tell me how much he spent and the money he got from his mom so that I knew in the end he made money. he didn't open doors or walk me to my door...although by the end of the date I was ready to run to the door so it was fine.

    Come to think of it Senoir prom was pretty lame too. Maybe I wasn't meant to go to those silly dances

    on a date in college ALISA Leavitt set me up with a guy who wore green jeans that were about 4 inches too short and we bascially went on three dates comdined into one, bowling, something in a grocery store and treats. way way too long way too awful.

  5. Good topic!! I've got two.

    First, was a guy who took me for sushi. EWWWW gross! Fortunately, my roommate made me eat before we left so I wasn't starving. This was the one time I pretended like I didn't have a good healthy appetite... It only got worse unfortunately. He took me back to his apartment and showed me his mission pictures. Not only did I have to see all the pictures of people I didn't know, but he had to point out all the women who wanted him to stay in Puerto Rico and marry them. Did I mention he was short and bald??

    Second... This is how he asked me out. "You're Rebecca Bagwell, right?" (Obvious semi set up.) We went out the following Friday. In the middle of dinner he asked me what I thought about having a relationship with him. I awkwardly got us off that subject. Then we went to his apartment and played Need for Speed or some similar car racing game because he claimed to be too sick to take me anywhere else. He then gave me pointers at church the next Sunday about how I could do better. Fortunately, the night after I went out with him I went out with Doug and the other guy got the hint quickly and painlessly. (Doug's a great date all by himself, but it was magnified by the really bad date I had the night before.)

    Happily married and DEFINITELY not missing dating life.

  6. First of all you should know that I didn't really like dating. I only liked getting ASKED on dates, you see it was quite flattering to be asked. I would be happy to just leave it at that.

    I have several worst dates, but the one that sticks out the most was for Senior Homecoming. Before the date ever started, I was upset with the whole thing because this really cute/sweet guy was going to ask me to this dance. The guy who ended up taking me to the dance knew that I was going to be asked, so he asked me the night before the other guy was going to. Being my father's daughter I had to say yes. He picked me up, and immediately started bugging me. He commented about the tomatoes in our front window (they were finishing the ripening process), how he heard me say that my dress was a little tighter than I would have liked, and then he started talking about his ugly tiger print tie, and how expensive it was!!! Blah! Anyway, several other things happened through the night, but the worst was that he overate his mexican food dinner and threw up! So, then I had to dance with throw up breath guy the rest of the night. LOVELY!!! Needless to say, I had him drop me off at another girls house who was part of our date so that we wouldn't have to ride alone all the way to my house, and I was able to avoid the whole "at the door" scene.

  7. Oh MY! A polygamist!! I'm sorry, but that truly is hilarious!

    I have to disagree with mini golf. I've always thought that was a fun idea.

    A POLYGAMIST! Where did they live?

    p.s. the meatloaf wasn't too bad.....and I'm not a fan of meatloaf either.:)

  8. HAHAHAHA! these are really funny. The polygamist takes the cake, though.

    I didn't date much before Casey, but this happened to me more than once--I was asked to go somewhere as friends or with a group of friends and it ended up just being me with a not-good-looking guy that I was NOT interested in that way at all. Then came the awkwardness and trying to tell them I was not interested in them, to which they always acted totally offended and shocked. Annoying. I don't know what they expected when they coerced me into going on a date with them in the first place.

  9. Before Senior Prom my date and I went to dinner with a group of friends and I stared at the back of his head the whole time while he talked to another girl. I think I danced with him once and the rest of the time I just danced with friends while he sat in the corner and refused to dance anymore.

    I agreed to go to an event with a guy from work because he really wanted to go but got turned down twice. In the front seat of the car I found a book called How to Get a Girl or something like that. He didn't act embarrassed at all. I was a little creeped out. Also, I was dressed semi-formally and he took me bowling afterward. I felt a little overdressed.

    I went out with another guy from work who had come here from Mexico a few years before. He seemed very nice and very normal. At dinner he told me all about his gang life in Mexico City where he stabbed people and sold drugs. After dinner "on the way to drop me off" he happened upon the strip downtown, rolled down his windows, blasted some Spanish music, and drove 2 miles an hour.

    I hated dating. I don't remember dating Ben. He just became my constant companion. I think it was healthier for our relationship that way.


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