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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Dear Mr. Sun, (I'm assuming you're a male, why else would you be so fickle?)

Where have you been? I've been missing you desperately. Things just aren't the same between us anymore.

When you're here, it's not like you're really here.

Did I do something?

Usually you're the light of my life, but lately, not so much.

And Mr. Sun, when you do come, why do you insist on waking up the kids so they can see you? It's awfully selfish of you.

You're not as warm and inviting as you have been in the past. In fact, you haven't been warm for months.

So Mr. Sun, I'm sorry if I've done something. But please come back, and stay for a while.




  1. I dream of the day that the sun will actually be warm enough that the kiddos will want to go out and play! You keep me laughing!

  2. Dear Mrs. Bell,

    You are a sun goddess. But I am not done hibernating and will be going away for a little while longer while my bigger cousin Mr. Blizzard pays your fine self a visit. Be ready. I will see you in May, maybe.

  3. Hello Katie, Your family is so cute. Thanks for writing on my blog. I hope you guys are doing well. Congratulations on your upcoming baby. I hope everything goes well.

  4. Hollie- you miss understood, no upcoming baby...


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