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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Good and The Bad

Good Idea: Snow
Bad Idea: Snow in the middle of March

Good Idea: Sun
Bad Idea: Getting sun burnt the first day it's 70 outside

Good Idea: Harry Potter Books
Bad Idea: Making the series 7 books long, with each book being longer than the last, and quite addictive.

Good Idea: A job
Bad Idea: Busy Season

Good Idea: Wood Peckers
Bad Idea: Mating season, apparently the males peck on something shiny, say flashing around one's chimney to attract the females, sounds like hell, I mean hail.

Good Idea: Meteorologists
Bad Idea: Believing Meteorologists

Good Idea: Babies
Bad Idea: Periods

Good Idea: Chocolate
Bad Idea: Having none in the house

Good Idea: Starting a Blog
Bad Idea: Thinking one should post three times a week

Good Idea: Food
Bad Idea: Having to cook and prepare said food

Good Idea: Carpet
Bad Idea: Owning midnight blue or blood red carpet that shows everything, making it look like I never vacuum, never mind the fact that I rarely do

Good Idea: Hot chocolate
Bad Idea: N/A

Good Idea: Barbies
Bad Idea: Barbie shoes

Good Idea: Your daughter learning how to do cartwheels
Bad Idea: Same daughter doing cartwheels constantly on every conceivable surface in the house

Good Idea: Church
Bad Idea: Countless church meetings all in one week

Hope you all have a great weekend,



  1. No comments yet! This was an excellend idea! Here's one of my own.

    Good Idea: books
    Bad Idea: no time to read them... :(

    Have a good weekend yourself!

  2. I love this post, Katie! And hmmmm...most all of these I have encountered, except the woodpecker that sounds like hell (er, hail). I don't even stop the vacuum for the barbie shoes anymore, they just get sucked right up!

  3. Good: hot cocoa
    Bad: Hot cocoa x 4 DIY kids = sticky floor


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