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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Apologies

This has the potential to be a lame post. But it's not because we're just getting over pink eye, Elizabeth is driving me crazy, I have to go grocery shopping AND do laundry today, the girls have been waking up obnoxiously early, I'm so ready for spring, Bryce is about to get super busy, I haven't read a book in weeks, that I'm feeling over worked and under paid, that there seems to be some sort of hunger strike going on which makes me question my cooking abilities or that I am missing the sun. I'm sure it's another reason entirely.

Things that drive me crazy, outside of my home:

Fake flowers. More specifically, fake flowers outside: in yards, in window boxes, in planters, in's so ghetto.

Inconsiderate pedestrians, and by pedestrians, I mean jay-walkers. It's illegal people, stop doing it.

Road kill skunks. I know it's not really their fault, but it just lingers.

Stepping in gum.

American Idol. Is anyone else watching it? It was so painful and, well, pathetic.

The employees at Joann's Fabrics, just cut my fabric, it's not necessary to talk to me, really, it's not.

Cats. The story behind that. Our bedroom is on the main level. In the summer we open our windows. There's a slight ledge on the outside of our house, at one time there also happened to be a slight hole in our screen. We were all bedded down for the night when I heard a thump. I asked Bryce if it was him, he said yes. Great. Seconds later there was shrill exclamations, I think from Bryce. A cat had come through the hole, landed on our floor, jumped onto our bed in between us. Apparently, it was not Bryce that thumped, after all. Nightmares, and therapy.

I am also currently accepting ideas for future posts.



  1. That cat story is hilarious! I was wondering about that when you made reference to it in another post. Don't forget about us having baby kittens born in our closet! That picture of Meg makes me realize how much she looks like you! What a cute baby! I am sorry you are having a rough day. You should never put laundry and grocery shopping on the same day. You were asking for that one! Hope the kiddos change their ways for you by the end of this week, and in 4 weeks you get to go visit Aunt Christy!

  2. We had pink eye a few weeks ago so I totally sympathize with that aspect. It gets really annoying to hold 3 kids down 3-4 times a day to put in "eyebops" (Adam's word).

  3. Bahahaha! I can just see Bryce screaming like a girl! Love it! Hmmmmm...future posts? Are you kidding me, I can't even come up with stuff for my own blog. When I get real desperate, I'm just going to start copying and pasting yours into mine. I doubt we have the same followers, anyway...

  4. I hate the jay walking pedestrians in Aurora too. Hasn't anyone ever heard of a crosswalk?

  5. It is a bit desperate to search for ideas from those of us who are lame bloggers...don't you think? :)

    In my creative writing class we used to make these lists....they are patterned after a deck of cards. 52 things/reasons that... here are some you could do:

    1. 52 reasons you should never grocery shop with 3 children.
    2. 52 excuses for creating a lame blog.
    3. 52 reasons you should listen to ABBA.
    4. 52 excuses for not cleaning the house.
    5. 52 things that I just love.

    There...that is an excellent start. :) Good luck!

  6. I'm with you on the fake flowers. Got neighbors who do it. Creeps me out a bit.

  7. I felt like I was reading the thoughts of my brain. Fake flowers totally suck and my mother-in-law loves them. Joannes, no kidding. And furthermore, don't roll your eyes at me when I pick out hard to cut fabric. Don't sell it.

    Other things to write about,, what your family likes and what they don't. I am curious if it is the same as mine.


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