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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What It's Really Like

Some of you out there may think that we live a charmed life over here at the Bell household, but we don't. SO, I took the liberty to compile some pictures of what life is really like over here.

This is an Easter craft that I finished by myself because other people involved were falling apart.
Elizabeth's muddy shoes that I have yet to clean off after 2+ weeks.

Containers of rocks that Elizabeth has "collected" from our grass.
A bag holding the remainder of the Easter crafts that we have yet to finish after 2+ weeks.

Some old interior doors that I bought off of craigslist with visions of an incredible headboard. It's not as dramatic as I thought it would be. I'm thinking of doing something in the panels or hanging a wreath in the middle. I have yet to plug in my alarm clock or the lamp back in.

Sometimes the treats for Family Home Evening are Double Stuff Oreos, and yes I gave one to my eight month old baby.

Lots of times my kids are completely, partly, or mostly naked.

This is Meg getting attacked by the kitchen rug. She has Velcro on those shoes and it got attached to the rug and she carried it all the way to the bathroom with her. And rather than helping the poor girl, I grabbed the camera, which by the way, is now completely dead. Sorry Bryce, you probably didn't want to get the news this way.
A camping expedition.
My kids sometimes, as in always, eat breakfast in their pajamas.
In short, you can all stop hating or being jealous of me because you think my life is perfect. I expect my friend count to double after this post.
Always charming,


  1. So, you have time to even think about easter crafts and home decorating, you know where the muddy shoes are if you want to find them, your 8 month old can sit and crawl and can actually eat a cookie, you let your children collect things and be creative, your children eat breakfast...

    ~your doing 10 times better than I am~

    nice try though... ;)

  2. Kids aren't supposed to eat breakfast in their pajamas??

    Hmmmm. I'm with Sara. I'd love to have time to pretend I was going to do a craft or build my own headboard. Just kidding. I'm sure tears would result if I pretended I was crafty.

    Cute pics! Your girls are adorable even if they get muddy shoes.

  3. The point of eating breakfast in jammies is so that no cereal gets stuck to real clothes. Mine all change after breakfast.
    I am loving that pretty green grass.

  4. So, where is that headboard that you were making when I came to visit you? You know, the quilted headboard? It really hasn't been that long ago. I think you need to do a post on CHANGE, and how you crave it! haha. Love ya Katie!

  5. Oh, little Meg is getting so big! Can't wait to see you!


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