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Monday, May 24, 2010


Some of you might think that the title is my age, but you would be wrong.

25 things about me that are true, but I wish they weren't:
  1. I have a big nose, and it's only going to keep getting bigger.

  2. Sometimes I yell at my kids.

  3. I am not patient.

  4. Not every idea of mine is a good idea.

  5. I have no more money for home improvement stuff.

  6. I'm frustrated that no one told me how great short hair is.

  7. I can't grow corn for the life of me. I can grow the stalks, can't grow the ears.

  8. I let my kids watch one movie a day.

  9. Sometimes if I'm changing Meg and I get a little bit of residue gets on the new diaper, I just wipe it off, rather than getting a whole new diaper.

  10. I haven't read a book or finished a quilt in weeks.

  11. I watched New Moon, it was awful.

  12. I check my e-mail obsessively.

  13. I crave root beer, and then when I have a 2 liter in the fridge and I forget it's there.

  14. I'm lazy about cleaning my bathrooms.

  15. The garage smells like diarrhea diapers. This isn't about me, but I'm guilty by association.

  16. I haven't finished registering Elizabeth for kindergarten.

  17. I like Twinkies, I know they're awful for you and are made from a bunch of fake stuff, but I don't care.

  18. I'm an indifferent seamstress.

  19. Not a perfectionist in the least.

  20. I've watched High School Musical a couple of times and liked it.

  21. I'm probably going to stink up the 100 6 week push up challenge.

  22. I'm slightly terrified of the snakes that are living in our yard, not that I don't appreciate their skills.

  23. Sometimes I'm a horrible daughter, mom, wife, and/or friend.

  24. I can be terribly selfish.

  25. I like to sleep in till 7am.

That was harder to talk about myself than I thought it was going to be. I'm usually good at that kind of thing.

A side note, this was a Monday post and I didn't once mention painting. Well, until now...



  1. p.s.--don't wear and red shirt and khakis ever...Target totally ruined that trend.

    Happy Monday! Our baby brother is graduating today...I was hoping for a "here's all the terrible things we did to Andy as a child...surprising he turned out to be well adjusted" post...sigh... :)

  2. I love reading your posts Katie, they totally make my day!!! :)


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