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Friday, May 7, 2010


If you're going to judge me or be unsympathetic, don't bother commenting. This is a pity party.

It's hard to be optimistic when:

Elizabeth and Adeline woke up at 5:20am because Adeline was crying. Why was Adeline crying? Because she peed the bed.
Elizabeth never went back to sleep.

I'm sick. Sick like use-a-whole-roll-of-toilet-paper-every-hour sick. I just read that sentence over. I meant for blowing my nose, not something else.

Meg is sick.

No one drives faster that 30mph on Mississippi. The road not the state. Why is that? You may think that this is irrelevant, but let's pretend it is.

I'm running out of fun ideas that don't cost any money to do with the girls.

I have to cook dinner again tonight. I'm on like a 13 night streak here.

I really just want to pawn my girls off on someone so I can go to Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, and/or Target by myself. All of my friends are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. Note to self, one kid is much easier to pawn off than three.

I'm tired of doing my hair. I'm thinking about cutting it, surprise, surprise. I'm thinking about cutting it like the girl's hair on the show Castle. The hair cut from last season, this season's looks like a mullet. I would put a picture on my blog, but I'm incompetent and don't know how to do that.

One of my painting projects has paint drips so now I have to sand it.

It won't stop freezing. I have a gazillion plants to put in the ground.
My favorite pair of jeans is now sporting a hole in one of the knees.

Looking forward to nap time already,



  1. So Sorry! I think Bryce should take a 'Save my Wife' day and stay home from work.

    Totally love Beckett's hair- go for it.

    Make the jeans into shorts?

    We're doing Subway for dinner- $5 footlongs anyone?

  2. I am sorry you are having a bad day, already! But, I am happy that you posted so early in the morning so that I didn't have to sit around all day waiting to read your Friday post! Just think, Mother's Day is coming up. That means you have a very good excuse to take a day off from cooking, listening to the kids, cleaning, and all those other motherly duties that can wear down the best of us!
    I do love you and appreciate your humor at 6:00 in the morning :)

  3. *slightly worn jeans are very in style...cut more holes and you'll be a fashionista...

    *short hair is awesome...but then no pony tails...but is also grows (fast in your case)

    *have pizza for dinner (not the kind you make, the kind you order and cook)

    *know that everyone thinks you're fantastic, therefore you should think this about some chapters in These is My Words (life could always be worse)

    **love you! Send your kids on the plane and I'll take them for a week. :)

  4. Life is cruel. :(
    Hope tomorrow is better!

  5. I do not fall into any of the categories you listed, so I can only presume to believe that you do not consider me a friend. Nevertheless, I am available next week on: Monday 8-2, Wednesday 12-2, Thursday 8-2...any time in there you want to bring all 3 of those beautiful girls...I will take them.

    Let's make it happen.

  6. Sorry your day was so icky. We must have got sick at the same time.
    My jeans also have a hole, but Old Navy doesnt make this style any more so I am out of luck.
    Don't cut the hair. I regret cutting mine and don't want you to suffer the same fate. Unless you really want to, then go ahead. I'll even listen to you complain after.
    BTW, isn't it annoying when its nice out and you are sick?

  7. I will take all 3 of your girls whenever you want a break too! I mean it! Just let me know when you would like your break!

  8. I knew if I waited long enough others would volunteer to watch your kids first... J/K... They're welcome to come play in our jungle backyard with my boys anytime. Of course there's always the danger that I'll hand you a paintbrush when you walk in the door and you'll never leave!!


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