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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I crave change. Well, I crave change in small, measurable, controlled amounts. Why? I have no idea. Be that as it may, I've been changing things in my house. At first I thought it was wrong, like maybe I was coveting and being ungrateful for the things that I have. But, as we all know I an not an ungrateful person, so I resolved my issues and went for the change. This will mainly be a post of pictures with things that I have changed around my house. There are no before pictures, you'll just have to trust me that the after pictures are an improvement. Remember I only lie about Christmas presents.
First, up, hair cut. Don't worry, I know I still look like I'm 12.
Plants that are still alive after a month in.
Meg's new room.
Cool, right? The locker, not the magnet, although that's cool too.
New fancy, shmancy pillows. I'm embracing the white couch, since it's not going anywhere for a while.
Ta-da. So briefly, I painted the doors and the fireplace rock thingy, and re-did the mantel decor, which you wouldn't know since I have no before picture.
New wreaths on doors. Narnia here we come.
Um, I'd like to think this looks cooler in person, but it may not. Those are oval frames with old pictures in them hanging from snazzy door pulls.
New scale.

I changed my friend Beth's lilac bush by cutting these off for her. (I borrowed her camera to favor you all with updated pictures.) Generous, I know. I scored that vase at the thrift store. That for sure is way cooler in person. It feels very English cottage.
Next time, just come and visit and you can see all the improvements.
Awaiting visitors,


  1. Katie, you look at least 16. At least not like your daughters babysitter.

  2. Very cute new hair-do! Is it easy to do? I love all the changes in your home! I just did some herb pots in my kitchen window, and so far, they are still alive! Caleb is betting against me on this one, but I am determined to keep something alive. Love ya!

  3. KATIE!!! Its been forever, your blog is the cutest. And your hair looks great!! :) How are you guys?

  4. Cute hair! Why the heck was Becca up at 5AM! Where did you get your cute fake eggs? I was looking for some around Easter. Really, I want to know. I NEED to know. I'm ready for some changes in my house to, but it overwhelmes me!

  5. I do like the hair. Mine's getting chopped on Saturday to something not so cute I'm sure, but it's definitely time for a more summery haircut... Of course that means summer has to actually ARRIVE to Colorado.

  6. Everything is beautiful. Looking good ;)

  7. LOVE the hair!! I actually think it makes you look like the 20 something that you are...good job! You are so creative and crafty, and your house is darling.

  8. jealous rage in progress (that is what you wanted right?). If your DARLING haircut wasn't enought all the cute changes to your house send me over the top.


    Just a thought: You need to be paid for your home decorating skills. Seriously. You need to consider an HGTV contract. Or at least if I am ever rich (haha) I would love to hire you to decorate my house.

  9. Your haircut is totally Kate Beckett 1st season! I love it!! And way cute shirt--love the color!!

  10. Your hair is even cuter in person. Good choice.


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