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Friday, May 21, 2010

This Week

So today I'm opting to do a post about things that I have loved this week. The other option was to do a rant post about the horrible customer service from a garage door company that made me call Bryce and cry, or the car battery dieing so I couldn't go to the museum with my friend or about two year old tantrums or about run on sentences.

Things I am loving
  • New flip flops. Did you know I hadn't bought a new pair since high school? Embarrassing.

  • Burger King coupons. I know some people are not Burger King fans, I am not that person.

  • Planting my garden and weeding my flower bed. (It hailed the next day...)

  • Meg. That kid is funny.

  • Adeline's pigtails.

  • Elizabeth. She hasn't done anything outstanding this week, but she's pretty great.

  • Bryce. I always love Bryce, but he's been especially patient with my raging, unpredictable, why-are-you-crying-about-this-?, intense hormones.

  • Our neighborhood garage sale. I'm not participating, unless you count monetarily.

  • Painting.

  • A big fat check from Costco that will help us buy a camera. It's going to be great....

  • Homemade ice cream sandwiches. I won't post the actual recipe, but let's just say it contains chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, marshmallow creme, and Twix.

  • Push ups. It hasn't officially started, but Bryce and I are going to attempt a six week push up challenge by the end of which we will be able to do 100 push ups. Current count? 12 (I can't believe I just posted that about myself.)

  • Hobby Lobby. There's a sale going on now where some of their stuff is 60% off. I bought a couple of things. (Couple used in the loosest sense.)

  • Blooming flowers.

  • Round up, the weed killer, not the cattle job.

  • My new rug. Bryce bought me a huge shag rug for Mother's Day. I don't know how I lived without it before.

  • My haircut. Not to brag, but a couple of people have said in passing that I look like a hot 16 year old nanny. By a couple I mean one.

I am looking forward to a warm, sunny hail-less/hell-less weekend.

Till Monday,



  1. I love that you have so much to love! What a great life..enjoy the weekend!

    Things I Love? Totally funny posts by my sarcastic sister...great job. :)

  2. First of all, love the post. Secondly, Elidh saw the picture of Elizabeth in her tutu and said, "Who's that?" to which I replied, "That's Elizabeth, your cousin." To which she asked, "Can I play with her?" To which I replied, "No, she lives far, far away." She looked at me and said, "Well she needs to come here to Grandma's house." She pretty intent upon playing with Elizabeth.

  3. how did you get a check from costco? Are they handing them out and how do I get in on that action. I wanna join the push up contest my upper body has gotten very wimpy as of lately.

  4. When you say 12 push-ups, do yo mean girl push-ups on one's knees, or real full body push-ups? I just ask because if those are real full body push-ups, that's pretty good in my book (for a girl). I normally do the girly ones and can get about 30-40 in one go, but I was trying the full body ones the other day and I made it to 2...
    Anyway- cool contest and I fully support you winning the challenge.

  5. You are so funny Katie! I want an ice cream sandwich now!

  6. You totally look like a 16 yr old nanny!! There--now it's officially a "couple"!! :0)


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