The Happyish Homestead

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Personal Journal Entry

I just got called out.

I posted on Facebook something to the effect that the day was not going well with me and the kids.

Two people questioned my interest in being a mother, family members at that.

And it really hurt my feelings. Like almost called Bryce and cried to him.

I try really hard not to judge other people or say things about how they choose to live their lives.

I LOVE being a mother.

But that doesn't mean that each day with my children is perfect.

I try to post things that are 'real' about how life really is right now.

And I have a lot of hard days.

I have four kids under the age of six.

I chose that path.

I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity to raise my own children.

But it's still hard.

Every night I give thanks for the blessings that I have.....although those feelings don't always make it out to the viral world.

Plus, that stuff isn't entertaining.

For instance, if I were to post a story about how I went to the bathroom to read a magazine and no one once saw my white be-hind, it would not make anyone laugh or make their day.

They couldn't say to themselves 'I'm having a really rough day, but at least I haven't accidentally mooned anyone in awhile'.

Plus, in some ways, I consider myself a writer, and in that profession (that term is used loosely) the truth is often exaggerated.

But I am grateful, deeply grateful, for those kids I can call mine.

I'm thankful:

  • that Meg came and snuggled in bed with me this morning

  • that Elizabeth is home for the summer

  • that Elizabeth and Adeline are playing together non stop

  • that Elizabeth is really enjoying reading

  • that Spencer is cooing a lot and smiles when I kiss his soft cheeks

  • that the weather has been nice and the girls have cute swimsuit tan lines

  • that Meg loves to follow her sisters around

  • that the girl's feel sad if no one says 'I forgive you' after an apology

  • that the girls try really, really hard to be obedient at night time, but that the temptation to play with each other and have fun is too great

  • that everyone loves to hold sweet Spencer

  • that Elizabeth still likes to hold my hand

  • that Adeline is Meg's favorite person

  • that the girls love Taylor Swift, I know she's a polarizing artist, but she's a good role model for girls

  • that my girls love the movie Singing in the Rain

  • that the girls think going to Taco Bell and getting $.89 cheesy roll-ups is a big deal

  • that the kids are loving and forgiving of a mom who is imperfect but trys her best everyday

Thanks for listening.



I had a DAY on Monday.

You know the kind of day where you wonder if there is a medical condition about having post-partum depression with your two year old?

The kind of symptoms where you don't like them, don't want to hold them, you wonder if this is normal, you feel like you're not bonding, and all you want to do is send them back?

The kind of day where you feel like you're not getting ahead?

'Ahead of what', you're not exactly sure.

That it feels like it's you versus the kids and the kids are winning?

And you just feel....defeated?

You look back on the day and can't think of one success?

Where you think 'this is not what I signed up for'?

I signed up to be the loving mother who doesn't yell at her children while making Rice Krispie Treats, like on the commercials....

The kind of day where you take all four of your kids to Home Depot and one of the things that you walk out with is a lock?

Not the kind of children's lock you put on the door handle....

Nope, that would be silly, because you know as soon as you buy one of those at 9pm at night (because it's that or turning yourself into the officials for feeling homicidal) to put on their door, they will figure it out, even the not-even-two-year-old will be escaping by the next day.

A real lock, the kind the hooligans can't reach on the outside of the door?

Yup, that was the kind of day Monday was.

Just wondering if you've ever had one of those days...


Monday, June 27, 2011

Bryce Said....


Front Door

The front porch will painted a great color like: yellow or grey, any thoughts?

Bryce made two more shelves.

......I'm not allowed to flash anymore of his it, thanks.

The library is completely done now...are you tired of it yet? I just have one more thing, a chandelier, that will hopefully get hung sometime this week.

The chickens will also be moving outside this week.

The house is all painted....except for scraping the windows, doing touch up, and painting the rest of the doors.

Guess that's it.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yes, That Just Happened

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled idon'tthinki'mgoingtosurvivepaintingtrim day to share a brief post.

I have been painting for two days now while still maintaining regular responsibilities, minus three children. You don't have to tell me, I know, I'm awesome.

Spencer is down for is quick catnap before his bath, eating and getting-ready-before-bed hour.

So, I thought I'd take a quick break and peruse the latest issue of Better Homes and the bathroom, on the toilet.

Normal, no? Don't try and tell me you've never utilized the time in the bathroom, especially on days when it's the ONLY time you get to sit down, to read an article or two. Well, you can tell me otherwise, but I'll secretly think you're lying to me.

Anyway, I'm in the bathroom, and I notice a shadow in the mirror which reflects the window....I'm making this too's what happened:

Bryce's co-worker who came over to help us paint trim was going up the ladder that was right over the bathroom and caught a glimpse (it may have been longer than that, but that is what I'm telling myself to make it less traumatic) of my cute, white be-hind, while I was reading a magazine.

It's an old house, there's nothing blurry about the glass on that window.

Pretty great.

Yup, mark this down as a completely embarrassing, onlykatiewouldfindcomfortinpostingsomethinglikethis, total lack of pride post.


Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear Kind Readers: (who probably haven't even missed me)

I'm not posting today or last Wednesday for that matter.

I am super busy getting ready to....

PAINT the outside of our house.

Exciting, I know.

Pictures next week.

The chickens, and all children, are still alive.


Monday, June 13, 2011

If You Read My (Junk) Mail...

you would know:

  • that I am sexy

  • Asian

  • over the age of 50

  • male

  • who needs a bra

  • has a bathroom in desperate need of a remodel

  • I love to eat

  • I wear both contacts and glasses

  • I am single

  • therefore I am also looking for other singles

  • I buy a lot of prescription drugs

  • I have the worst credit known to mankind

  • I'm fat

  • I am in the market for a psychic

  • I hold an unknown job for which I need business cards

  • I am always looking for a great deal on airline and cruise tickets

  • I'm paranoid and need to purchase a spy camera ASAP

  • Because I am fat I need cholesterol medicine, plus size clothing, and help with my dating life

  • I may or may not be looking for a job in the medical billing industry

  • I'm clueless when it comes to computers

  • I have a lot of friends from Africa

  • I constantly desire the latest in footwear, specifically Birkenstocks

  • I'm a Christian

  • I was recently in a car accident and need a lawyer

  • I need to purchase an engagement ring at a huge discount for when I meet that special someone

  • I'm also contemplating the idea of going back to school, if I can get my credit in order


What about you?

Friday, June 10, 2011

'Welcome to June' Projects

I won those vinyl letters from a blog, you may have heard of it, The DIY Showoff? Anyway, I wanted to make this little dormer a reading nook.

I want to make a foam cushion - is it just me or is that stuff outrageously expensive? - and some pillows, but for now, an old quilt will suffice.
I made the curtain, can you tell? I hate making curtains.
I hope this area will get lots of use, especially with Elizabeth's reading skills taking off and a growing family.

I'm mostly thankful that the large smear of bird poop on the window didn't show up on the pictures.
I made this re-usable lunch sack for Bryce. He usually takes his lunch in a plastic grocery sack, but since I've been using re-usable grocery bags, we have no sacks to be found.
He may have also been slightly embarrassed since the last sack he took was an over sized Disney Store bag....The moral of this story is going green requires a lot more work than leaving a large imprint on our natural resources.I made these tags for my mom. It seems that when you go to some one's house and try to be nice and cook something while that someone is either sleeping or napping because they just had a baby, multiple white substances in glass containers can get confusing.

Now there are no excuses for her not coming back to visit....and to cook while she's here.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Winners

Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Marissa

  • Mimi

  • Elizabeth

  • Katie Willis

  • Ronni

  • Mommy B

  • Rachel

Email me your address so I can get those off in the mail to you. And by 'off in the mail' I mean in a couple weeks, I'm still recovering from the tragic decision to put all the girls in the same room.

Thanks to all who entered.


Friday, June 3, 2011

It's A Celebration!

In honor of having two days in a row of sun, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY.

What it is: an hair accessory made from three vintage yo-yos.

Why it's cool: you can slide it on a headband or bobby pin.

How many will be given away: seven, 10 seemed like too many and 5 seemed like too few.

Anything else: if you're interested in trying to win the charming three year old, check back later to see if she's available, about 10pm tonight when she's still awake messing around with her sisters.

Why you should enter: because free stuff is Awesome.

How quickly do you have to enter: you have till Monday.

How you enter: be a follower, and leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about summer (assuming it's summer where you are).

What else you should know: I wear this all of the time and even if it's not your style, you could give it away. I will be taking it as a personal slight if you don't enter.....

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We've Been Really Busy:

cleaning up poop, potty training, scraping the old paint off our house (we're going to paint it!), sorting through clothes, re-arranging rooms, trying to fit in naps, trying not to slit our wrists because of all the rain, cleaning bathrooms, doing dishes, moving furniture, picking up walnuts and pine cones, tying quilts, and thinking about binding quilts.

(We have a hitting problem at our house. Our new solution is to send the girls out with a bowl that they have to fill with walnuts or pine cones and bring it back full before they can come inside....did I mention it's been raining a lot lately? We're really cut down on the hitting around here. They've even gone out there at like 8:30pm, in pjs.)

We bought six baby chicks on Saturday. They stink, but they're awfully cute. Names: Lucy, Mrs. Gardner (Elizabeth's teacher), Sophie (from Mama Mia), Josephine (from Little Women), Cherry, and Hannah. See how well rounded we are...

It totally looks like we're running an orphanage for girls....if anyone would like to adopt one, let me know. Meg moved into the girl room, and it's going.....o.k. There's lots of jumping across the beds....shoulda seen that one coming.

Meg's big girl quilt, not yet bound, mind you.

And Spencer moved into his own place, and he loves the airplane mobile that I made, thankyouverymuch.

You can't really tell, but those are some airplane pillows I made for Spencer's room.

I bought this dresser at an estate sale that was stuffed in a shed amidst rat poop and garbage, snagged it for $5. I cleaned it and sealed it. I'm going to buy those cute crystal/glass knobs and replace the yucky, cheap ones. I also bought that fan there. I think it cost me $1.

I'm going to put some really cute decor on top, yet to be determined.

Any projects you'd like to brag about?