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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sometimes I am a great mom.
Sometimes I am a good mom.
And sometimes I am a horrible mom.

When am I a horrible mom? Every time I decide to go on a walk. I know this sounds crazy, but it's true. I get this notion in my head every time it's nice outside. I justify my plan by telling myself it's exercise, that it's good to get out in the sunshine, and it's even better to get out of the house. Now I don't exercise. Even I know that going up and down the stairs with a bit more energy on laundry day doesn't count.

I had this idea to go on a walk yesterday. I should have put it out of my mind.

Reason #1 - Adeline had taken a nap that was only a bit over an hour.
Reason #2 - Elizabeth had cried multiple times through out the day.
Reason #3 - Elizabeth and Adeline had started a shoving, pushing match over closing the refrigerator door.
Reason #4 - Adeline had taken a nap that was only a bit over an hour.

We get on sweaters and shoes and Elizabeth decides that instead of riding her bike, she wants to push her baby in the stroller. Then Adeline wants to push her baby in the stroller instead of wanting to ride in the double stroller with Meg.

When Adeline decides to bring her baby in the stroller it never.goes.well. And by that, I mean, it always ends in tears.

We're all out the door and all respective babies in strollers, Elizabeth decides she wants to bring a purse, fine. Adeline decides that she wants to bring a purse, fine, she comes out with two. Elizabeth comes out with a bottle in a diaper bag...I could have killed her. Adeline wanted to have a bottle too. I had already shut and locked the door. I could have opened it, but it was a matter of principle.

Adeline is bawling. Snot, tears, red face, incomprehensible dialogue, the whole works. Elizabeth gives Meg the bottle because she doesn't want it anymore.

I then begin threatening Adeline...I begin to say ridiculous things like 'you're being completely unreasonable', I start giving commands in my most firm voice, and then I take the bottle away from Meg and give it to Adeline. Parenting at its finest. In case you were wondering, there was also lots of crying along the way. And then we walked by some people out in their yard and they had the gall to say how cute the whole procession was.

The evening finished along the same lines, I begged Bryce not to go to his meeting, I had like five pieces of fudge, and all kids were in bed by 7pm, no story, no song.

Here's to a better today. Not likely, though, the girls woke up an hour earlier than normal.



  1. I am so glad you posted before nap time today! I needed a laugh for my morning! I went grocery shopping and it was pretty similar to your walk scenario! Oh the joys of being a mother :)

  2. Sounds like an excerpt from my autobiography, "Days Gone Bad". In some sick and strange way, I'm glad you have these moments too. Sorry friend but it makes me feel like I'm less of a bad mom.

  3. That is why I never leave my house, why my kids can barely ride their bikes and why we don't go to the park. Park days are even worse, because it involves snacks and water bottles and having to go potty once we get there. I am so glad you live right by the park!

  4. Babies? Strollers? Bottles? Wow, I sure missed out having two boys...not. :)

    Happy hump day.

  5. I remember similar days, only vaguely though. In twenty years you will forget also. You will remember all the wonderful days, of walks to the park, dolls, strollers, and little girls being good mommies.

    Love Mom

  6. Sorry about that. I should have just written your # down today :) Here's my email:

  7. I've had days like that when I thought it would be fun to let the kids play at "the train store" otherwise known as Barnes and Noble. It was all fun and games until I had to drag 2 screaming kids out of the store while trying to push a baby in a stroller. Why can't they put the kid section right in the front??? Of course Mary's in school now so I only have two boys to deal with.

    I'm glad you had fudge.

  8. well every night that Kevin has to go to a meeting I put the kids to bed an hour early too. I think honestly it is for their safety because at that time of day I am finished and I want my fudge ALL BY MYSELF!!

  9. Way too familiar to be funny, but what i want to know is: how can you eat five pieces of fudge and not exercise!?!


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