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Friday, February 19, 2010

Under the Bus

Some tips, pointers, advice on how to be a good wife:

A good wife is supportive, and only in passing mentions a large weight set in the basement that is used 'sparingly', when her husband approaches her about buying another piece of workout equipment.

A good wife is always game to participate in a marathon watching the extended version of The Lord of the Rings, knowing full well that her husband will fall asleep within the first twenty minutes with the remotes out of reach.

A good wife fixes her husband's favorite meal before he goes out of town, and then expects him to do the dishes.

A good wife does not, in the least, take offense when her husband comes home late in the evening and tells her she's cranky, even though she had a horrible 'walk' experience and the kids had been up since 6:30 am and had not napped well and he had only been around them for 20 minutes....because after all, he did return the books to the library and put gas in the car.

A good wife has a great memory and can often recall a time when her husband was not at his best, like when he fell asleep during her labor, striving to bring their firstborn into the world.

A good wife is aware of her husband and his needs and will often nudge her husband awake when he falls asleep saying prayers.

A good wife is calm and would never kick or nudge her husband when he is snoring but always sedately says, "I love you, would you mind rolling over?"

A good wife does not always get her way, although one could say that her way is always the best way.

A good wife engages in debates at 10 o'clock at night with her husband to talk about how the sides of the mattress are divided up and even offers a courtesy laugh when her husband says that she does have half, the bottom half.

A good wife does not get upset when her husband would rather get rid of a piece of furniture than let his wife paint it.

A good wife does not remind her husband that he had previously agreed that he would not make lame comments about posts when he encouraged her to start a blog.

A good wife is not in the least bit annoyed when most of her conversation with her husband over the past couple of days has consisted of his saying "Aren't you finished with that book yet? I thought for sure you would be done by now. When are going to finish that book? Why isn't that book finished?"

Have a good trip Bryce, I'll miss you.



  1. A good wife shoves her husband when he is snoring, otherwise he'll have full-on sleep apnea and die. Its all about intent.

  2. Man, I suck at being a wife. (I bet that comes as a real shocker, eh?) ;) Can't wait to see Bryce tonight!


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