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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stating the Obvious

I'm not funny. I just found out, and to say the truth, it's kind of a blow. It's like I lost a part of myself. You know when you get a really horrible hair cut, you feel a bit less like yourself? That's what this is like.

I got the idea to try and be funny about the fourth grade. I had an amazing teacher named Mrs. Brokaw, no relation to the news anchor, as if I knew who he was back then. And she was F.U.N. She let us wear just our socks to the cafeteria if it had been wet and yucky outside. She read to us from West Side Stories and inserted students names. When she found something really funny, her shoulders just shook and no sound came out. I idolized her. This is also before I knew about the ten commandments. I now know this is wrong and have since come clean.

Anyway, that's how it began. I also realized another thing about this time....I had a twin sister. Obviously I have ALWAYS had a twin sister, but I just now realized how this impacted me. A bit about my sister....she's pretty, the kind of pretty that makes me look less pretty, no matter how hard I try. She's nice, horribly, painfully nice. She used to be a boy magnet. I hope this has changed since she is now married with three kids. She's a school teacher, the cool one who all the boys have a crush on. Do you see where I'm going with this?

SO I had a revelation. I would never be pretty. BUT I could be funny.

That's it, end of story.

All this time, I've thought 'I'm funny.' And then I started blogging. Apparently I've only just NOW become funny. People talk to me about my blog, which is flattering, don't get me wrong, but they seem genuinely surprised that it's so amusing. And these are people I've known for a while, I've watched their kids, they've watched mine, I've talked to them, invited them over for scones, taken them dinner, set up play dates with their kids.....

There you have it. I have been duly humbled.



  1. A. You are pretty.
    B. You are so funny people must just take it for granted.
    C. You are pretty.

    There you have it!

  2. Next time I see you at Nick's (so springish time) I promise not to even mention your blog. I'll try to think of something funny you've done in person.

    Will that help?

  3. Just because somebody doesn't know you are funny, doesn't mean you aren't. That's what I tell myself anyway. Except in place of "somebody," I have so say "everybody."

  4. Um...we always knew you were funny...HELLO!!! We're just excited you are blogging so we can have free access to your humor all the time - and there is some sense of excitement that we can now prove to other people that we really do know such a clever and funny person!

    There is no shocker in how this whole blog thing went down. If you started in a serious tone, I'm not sure we would know how to handle it.

    So, don't confuse our delight in your blogging as ignorance in your hilarious-ness...

    ...we love it!!

  5. You have always been funny and pretty! You are the best of both worlds! That is why Dad and Mom love you more than me. I know the truth and I have come to terms with it and so should you! I do love you and I wish you would stop knocking yourself. You Are pretty, funny, a wonderful mom, a great wife (I think, Bryce seems happy), considerate, caring, very intelligent, and an amazing "crafter". I love you!

  6. Kimberly is a kiss up and way toooo nice...she makes the rest of us look bad. :)

  7. I've always thought you were funny. You made us laugh ALL the time when you worked for my dad. I was so excited when you started a blog because I never see you anymore and now I can read your blog and remember how great you are!


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