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Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm sorry if this post offends you. I don't normally use this type of language in my house, just about the things in my house. I'll also be sorry if this actually happens.

Speak Gently to Your Plants

By: Carol Ryrie Brink

The young clerk, having been ordered to do so,

Brought the ornamental foliage plants

Out of the ladies' dress shop

And slammed them down on the pavement

In front of the store.

"Get some sunshine, you bastards," she said,

"Green up, damn you, green up!"
The pale and spindly plants,

Suffering too much sun after too much shade,

Listened hopefully for a kind word.

"Nobody loves us," they said at last,

"We'll die in spite of them."

And they did.
(Thanks, Em.)


  1. I waited all morning for that crude language :) I think that you should start blogging earlier in the day. I am the most important one that reads these posts!

  2. LOL that is really funny. cute picture too :)
    I was feeling overwhelmed this morning with too much to do (Casey is leaving for a week and I have company coming in 4 days) so ballet had to go for today. Missed the mom-chats though!

  3. You owe me big time for doing your blog on Wednesday...perhaps a gift of a favorite book would be in order? :)


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