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Friday, February 12, 2010


Things I am not proud of:

I forgot my mom's birthday one year. And I wasn't a kid, I was 21. What's worse, I had even talked to her that day, and I didn't even mention it. Disgraceful.

I have three squirrels in my yard that are almost completely domesticated. It's the world's fault, if I didn't feel so much pressure to compost - you know, go green - this never would have happened. It's so bad, that I just throw my scraps out the kitchen window and they don't even flinch, but instead come racing over. And they're snobs, they don't eat things like broccoli stalks. (Nor does the rabbit that is also, let's face it, slightly domesticated that lives under our deck.)

Adeline didn't get dressed yesterday. There wasn't even a pretense of getting dressed. She just went from pajamas to leotard to pajamas.

My kids drink their own bath water and it doesn't even faze me.

I've spanked both Elizabeth and Adeline once, each.

I've let Elizabeth watch Mamma Mia, twice.

You know that submarine movie that came out like 8 years ago...U571 or something like that? I laughed when they shot the dead guy out the torpedo shoot. I'm a callous brute.

I'm slightly addicted to DIY/makeover blogs.

At one point I convinced one of my college professor to cancel finals, and he did.

I played with Barbies till I was 12.

I used to drop my green beans down the heat register at dinner time when I was a kid.

I outed my brother to a girl he liked, in 4th grade.

Wendy's gave me an extra JBC one time and I didn't turn around to return it or pay for it.

I was shameless in my efforts to get Bryce to build a new deck.

I've told other people that their kids are cute, even when they're not.

Hope you enjoy a chocolate filled weekend.



  1. 1. Lizzie drinks her bath water too and mostly I just think it is funny, even when it's a bubble bath and she still goes back for more.
    2. I laughed at an earlier post where you mentioned bath water and throwing up.
    3. 1 Thing I'm not Proud of Today: I took a nap yesterday instead of calling you. Next Thursday we're on!

  2. I'll be on the lookout if you tell me my kids are I know all your secrets!

  3. I still haven't returned your library book. I am not planning on reading the book for book club.
    I probably won't ever finish my key chain because then I'd have to get out my sewing machine, and I'd have guilt for not hemming pj pants too.
    I rarely make my kids clean their rooms.
    I like going to your house but I am a horrible hostess.

  4. I won't even begin to make my list it would be way to long and then the world might not want to be my friend anymore. But I do love DYI blogs and spend way too much time on them. Hey if you need a few more to look at let me know! Oh ya heard your going on the trek. Make the bonnet I promise it will be the best thing that you pack! (it keeps the sand our of your ears, eyes and other crevices you didn't know you had on your face. Plus it keeps the sun off you)

  5. Brothers deserve to be outed and manipulation is the key to a fantastic marriage.


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