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Monday, February 22, 2010


Things that gross me out:

The lingerie/underwear section at the thrift store.

Throw up, I know, it's a given. Bryce thinks I just make it up, so not true. One time I was watching my younger brother and younger sister, and my brother threw up, and I made my sister clean it up.

Gum on the drinking fountain drain.

Hair in the shower drain.

The fact that someone whose book sold at the dollar store is considered an author.

Cats jumping through a whole in the screen onto the bed, at night, soundlessly.

Spit up in the hair.

The part in the movie Ratatouille when all of the rats fall through the ceiling.

Carpet in bathrooms.

Unflushed (spellcheck says this is not a word, I care to differ) toilets in public places. I know I could go in there and flush them's a matter of principle.

Rotten apples.

People selling used mattresses on Craigslist.



  1. hahaha! The lingerie at thrift store?! That is beyond yuck!! *gag*

  2. Hey that was me that had to clean the throw up. That was gross

  3. I'm with you on the carpet in the bathroom. Totally gross. Blah

  4. So, has the cat thing happened to you??? That is weird, gross, and creepy. a new screen before spring. :)


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